Fuel injection cleaning - kal
Hi guys, can anyone tell me if these fuel injection cleaning additives. such as Redex, available at petrol station forecourts are worth buying,. If so what is the best brand on the market?

Secondly are their any benefits of running a car on premium priced unleaded petrol.

Fuel injection cleaning - Agent K
Hi Kal
Save your money and forget the additives. The petrol industry already adds cleaning agents and detergents to petrol to help keep engines clean. It's best to go for fuel from garages with high turnover as the fuel tanks are regularly filled and checked for contamination.
I have used an additive when I re-commissioned a fuel injected car that had been standing for some time, but that was after I drained out the old fuel and cleaned the tank. It did seem to improve things, but if you use your car regularly then don't bother with additives.

Fuel injection cleaning - kal
Thanks Andrew. What about supermarket fuel is it as bad as people say
Fuel injection cleaning - james_60

There is nothing wrong with supermarket fuel as my mum has always used it

i even use it in my car and there are still no problems plugs clean etc.

J Stephenson
Fuel injection cleaning - Agent K
Hi Kal
I have used supermarket fuel for years and have never had any problems. Most of my cars have been 'performance' models and on average I drive 15,000 miles a year.
I read somewhere that BP and Esso supply Tesco with fuel.
Hope this helps

Andrew Pullen
Fuel injection cleaning - Roger Jones
VAG's fuel additive certainly works -- cured a chronic cool-running problem on my old Audi 100 overnight and changed starting into a first-feather-touch-of-the-key process, is reckoned by servicing people to help in keeping the emissions from my Golf VR6 at very low levels, and it improves fuel economy. I use it routinely, not only in the Golf. Part number G 001 700 03 -- don't bet on a VW/Audi dealer being aware of it: the two who failed to cure the Audi's problems weren't, and I thank HJ for telling me about it.
Fuel injection cleaning - kal
Thanks Roger, trouble with my car is that without a/c on car seems to idle to low, though never cuts out, turn on a/c and idle is very smooth, so have BMW designed thier cars to run with the a/c on all the time, presumably so that the cars a/c needs a recharge more often? Also changing quickly between D and R produces idle flutter.

Predictably BMD dealer says the idle can not be adjusted and that diagnostics do not indicate any problem.

Could it be poor fuel quality or gummed injectors, car has done 40K and has FSH.

My car is BMW 2000 318i auto.
Fuel injection cleaning - jc
The more you run AC,the less likely it will need servicing;the seals in it dry out if not used.
Fuel injection cleaning - Gazza
The more you run a/c, the less likely you need a recharge. A/c system contains refrigerants and lubricants. A/c is a close system but if you don't use it, the seal hardens around the pipe and pump and evaporator due to lack of lubricants. Then the refrigerants start to leak out and you need a recharge.

I use my a/c all the time and the car still blows 4c air out every summer and the car is getting onto 8 years old.
Fuel injection cleaning - ian
Hi Kal, is your engine in the 318i an M44 1.9? If so I think the somewhat lumpy tickover is a "characteristic" of this particular unit. I have an e36 1.8ti auto compact, and the idle quality is poor (not a patch on my L-reg carina!), I kid myself that this due to a sporty twin cam tickover but in reality it is just poor!

I took it to a dealer and he said some versions of this engine have sticking valves but when this happens the engine is rocking all over at idle. He reckoned mine is quite smooth, he also suggested additives (Wynns he said but I'd try the VW one first).

I read somewhere about a TSB (no. 110798 sept 98) out for the M44 idle quality involving different EMU software. Not sure when it is necessary.


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