Best six or seven seater? - blowpipe
The time has come to consider getting a family car that will take take five comfortably with space for an extra two if needed, diesel plus auto preferably.
I loathe people carriers, won't buy a Discovery as I want reliablity, and sadly a look today at the much acclaimed Nissan XTrail indicates it's only a five seater. So, an initial cast around narrows it down to a Volvo V70 or slightly elderly Merc estate. Any other ideas on this one to help? Looking to spend an absolute maximum of 20K, hopefully less as it'll ease the pain of the first round of internal and external damage by the kids.
Best six or seven seater? - Mark (RLBS)
My Landcruiser takes 8 - although three of them have restricted legroom and so tall people (6ft ish) would suffer on a long journey the other 5 passengers are in perfect comfort and my b-i-l is way over 6ft.

It comes as a Diesel auto, although mine is petrol. Very reliable, very comfortable to drive and well within your budget for a 2 year old.
Best six or seven seater? - HF
My Landcruiser takes 8

So in any future BR get-together, you can offer lifts home to at least 7 of us, M? Sounds good, although I am confusing threads here.
Best six or seven seater? - NWS
I'm in the same boat for model and price and I've narrowed it down to V70, Merc or poss SAAB 9-5. I've had a 9-5 saloon and it was a good car, but feel if you're going to go wardrobe, you may as well as have a full-size wardrobe, which is also why I've excluded the A6 (aside from the Godawful VAG dealers). But as far as I know, no 7 seat option in SAAB.
Keen observers of the BR may remember my log-on and my sniffy comments a couple of months back about the V70, well, I'm man enough to admit that I was wrong and that it's a very good drive. I only wish it had more purposeful looks. Part of me still has a problem with its front-end.
Best six or seven seater? - blowpipe
My heart says a Landcruiser, because I've always hankered after a chunkier vehicle, but the sensible side of me says V70 or Merc. In terms a Merc, does anyone have any views on the year(s)that build quality started to get poor, as I don't want to chuck too much cash on a newer vehicle when I could spend less on a better quality model.


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