Clio 1.4rt engine problem - munch
Hi, I have a renault clio 1.4rt 1994 model & when it is running as the revs get to around 2000rpm the engine seems to die. But if the accelerator is pressed the engine responds. The only things I think the problem could be is either the throttle stepper motor or the throttle position sensor. Any input would be appreciated.
Clio 1.4rt engine problem - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Throttle position sensor sounds favourite. You need to monitor the output voltage which should smoothly rise and fall as the accelerator is opened and closed. A fault would show up as a sudden drop in voltage at a certain spot. Is it at 2000 rpm in any gear or at a certain throttle position at about 2000 rpm.

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Clio 1.4rt engine problem - munch
It is happening at around 2000 Rpm in any gear but it is always at very light pedal pressure. Often at speeds under or around 2000 rpm the engine seems to waver.

Thanks for your input on this problem


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