LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Charles
I've been out making enquiries about buying a Dual Fuel (Petrol/LPG) car. My experience has been Vauxhall are the only manufacturer with any readily available information but production of cars has been temporarily suspended.

The Ford dealer did not have any information whatsoever.

VW does not produce any LPG equipped cars.

Renault have still not launched their models, they were meant to be available at the end of last year.

Overall my experience is that the only option is to have a car converted which can have teething troubles/warranty implications.

Has anyone else found that it is almost impossible to buy a factory dual fuel car?
Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Tom Shaw
It would be pointless for car manufacturers to spend millions on developing cars that run on LPG. As soon as they sold in any number, the govt would increase duty on that fuel to the same level as that on petrol or diesel.

Alternative fuels are only cheaper while a small minority use them.
Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Chris
Plus, it's a fossil fuel, so it's a CO2 polluter and will run out just like the others.

Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Brian
Absolutely right, so we come back to the alternatives of bio-fuel or wind, wave or nuclear power translated into a mobile source (i.e. stored electricity or hydrogen).
Also remember that your house probably produces more pollution than your car (heating, lighting, cooking, hot water) and that measures which expect vehicles to shoulder all the blame and provide the solution for global warming are way off the mark.
It is just that it is easier to get an action shot for TV of a car exhaust than of a central heating flue and the power station supplying the electricity.
(Share a bath with a friend and save the planet?)
Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Guy Lacey
LPG isnt all its cracked up to be.

I run it in my award winning Golf Gti. and to be honest i do notice a significant dip in performance, and it sounds pretty bad when its cold.

There is a funny smell with LPG that no-one tells you about when you are having the kit fitted. Also you lose lots of boot space.

Does anyone know someone who can de-fit these things...


Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Steve
I had my Rover Sterling converted about 12 months ago, after a few initial teathing problems it has been great.

I went to Scotland the other week and worked out that it did the equivalent of 58mpg (petrol at 79 pence per litre) which for a 2.5 V6 is fantastic.
The only gripe I now have is that the lpg fuel gauge is vastly inacurate.
Imposter - Guy Lacey
Don't like the idea of someone taking my name and that of my Golf in vain.

I think those who know me and realise I do not access the internet through btinternet will understand this is clearly some anonymous clown.

Long live LPG.
Re: Imposter - Suspects - Guy Lacey
Current suspects are;

Mr Woollard (I doubt it - far too polite)
Dai Waithcalokawokskxie (Not sure)
"Mark" - Prime Suspect.

I think until the imposter owns up *all* btinternet contributers should be banned.

Bit like a school detention for the whole class for a rogue fart.
Re: Imposter - Suspects - Mark (Brazil)
> "Mark" - Prime Suspect.

I do hope you don't mean me.
Re: Imposter - Suspects - David Lacey
I could tell that it was not you Guy,the spelling of (Gti) was completely wrong!!
True VW enthusiasts would have noticed that straightaway!
Re: Imposter - Suspects - Mark

As a Mark who uses BT Internet I suppose I must be the prime suspect Mark you refer to.

Unfortunately my dear Guy you are wide of the Mark as it were, as at 17.23 I was in the local print shop picking up an order. A timed and dated receipt linked to my CC can be made available if you have any doubt.

Shame really as it was quite a good gag and I just wish I had thought first.

However as a fellow VW fan you a quite a long way down my list of those I wish to destroy.

keep looking

Re: Imposter - Suspects - Dai Watchalowski
Not me !........ LPG holds a little interest only. I checked the E mail it matches Guy's but I suppose tis easily altered.
Re: Imposter - Suspects - Dai Watchalowski
PS I was having my tea (lightly cooked lemon sole) at 18.23hrs, with Mrs W.
Re: Imposter - Suspects - Kev
Does mr. wollard know about that?
Re: Imposter - Suspects - David Woollard
.....Current suspects are; Mr Woollard (I doubt it - far too polite)..........

Quite happy to be on the suspect list Guy and also happy that you know it wouldn't be my way of doing things.

One thing I have slight reservations about with forums is the level of honesty required by contributors about identity. No offence to you guys who don't give any/correct e-mail addresses/names but it does allow opinion without responsibility.

One of the forums I use has suffered so much trouble with this issue now you need a password e-mailed back before you can use the site so at least some attempt is made to weed out troublemakers.

Having said that there are almost none of these clients here so it is obviously quite self-regulating.

Would have needed a laptop on the tractor anyway. Flat out haymaking for the past four days, 8am-8pm, with very little chance to post. Bit of traffic regulation thrown in as well when the equipment needs moving betwen fields.

Things look different from the high seating position at 18mph with more time to think on the road. Have passed a parked Chrysler PT Cruiser at least 20 times over this period and, despite my previous endorsement of their shape, am liking it less and less. This one is black and it is the "hearse-like" back view that troubles.

Well thats my news!

Re: Imposter - Suspects - Chris
David Woollard wrote:

> One thing I have slight reservations about with forums is the
> level of honesty required by contributors about identity. No
> offence to you guys who don't give any/correct e-mail
> addresses/names but it does allow opinion without
> responsibility.

The reason I don't give my e-mail address is because of the risk of being put on mailing lists and being spammed. I use this PC for my business, and the risk of viruses and clogged mailboxes is too great - it's happened before, and I'm trying not to get caught again. No deception intended.

PT cruiser watching DW - Micky
">Have passed a parked Chrysler PT Cruiser at least 20 times over this period and, despite my previous endorsement of their shape, am liking it less and less. This one is black and it is the "hearse-like" back view that troubles.<"

So who's watching you David? Could it be someone in the PT cruiser? Do you recognise the number plates? Is there a platoon of US marines lurking in the adjacent ditch waiting for you to make just one wrong move with the International? I suggest the next time you encounter this bruiser of a cruiser whilst regulating in your tractor/muck spreader combo (so much more interesting than baling, I think you will agree) you may wish to consider that attack is the best form of defence (or is it defense?).

I am sure that the US marines are renowned for "taking no sh*t, but when their surveillance vehicle is submerged under several tons (or is it tonnes?) of best Friesian by-product, I am convinced they will consider their cover is well and truly blown.

Not wishing to worry you or even suggest that you should "take-out" the PT with a muck spreader in any way. Just a thought. (If any spooks are watching this website I'm sure that DW's subsequent actions cannot in any way be linked to me, and if you want to find me I reside in the Rofferhive area),


Re: PT cruiser watching DW - David Woollard

You could be onto something here, the dam Cruiser was there parked in the road on the way home from 13 hours in the saddle (well on the tractor seat anyway). And it was there when I left this morning. The windows are blacked out so there could be anyone in it.

Not you Micky, on tractor watch?

Someone's watching DW. - Micky
">Not you Micky, on tractor watch?<"

No David, you are not thinking logically (paranoia must be setting in). Obviously, I only watch you from my dessieall transit (in white); in fact if you look out of your front room window now you might see me (or is it the spooks that are watching you? No, of course not, they are watching you through your back window).

I am sure HJ could not possibly have cracked under questioning and given the C*A your home address for ongoing investigation in the name of the free world (oops, nearly gave the game away there).

So nothing to worry about then, except the PT; just don't forget the muck spreader tomorrow. Muckspreader and Rofferhive Tunnel, now there's a novel thought, the tunnel stinks of fumes anyway but the addition of a few tons of nature's finest product should make an interesting contrast,


Re: Someone's watching DW. - Mark
Micky could be right

the PT Cruiser would make quite a good car for spooks, plenty of room for kidnapped DW, space for 3 burly agents plus poor unfortunate, even some room left over for spying equipment.

I can understand spook interest however misguided in websites, but Mr Citroen, no somethings missing I can't link it.

as ever

Re: Someone's watching DW. - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
At the risk of lowering the tone, David, is the PT bouncing up and down?
Re: Someone's watching DW. - Jonathan
It may just look like that from the bouncy tractor seat.
Re: Someone's watching DW. - David Woollard
Yes just me bouncing up and down, Cruiser still. Something very odd about an all black car with black windows watching you as you go about honest daily toil.

Was there a film about a weird car, Christine or something??

Re: Someone's watching DW. - Dai Watchalowski
Do you think the PT might have a decomposing stiff in it - perhaps the owner grew to hate it as well.
Don't panic - Micky
Yes David, I think you are right to be worried. I am sure that the occupants of the PT have no intention of harming you; they will merely report your activities back to the men in smart suits who will no doubt visit your premises (and may even have already searched your dwelling whilst you are baling). The searchers will look for signs of non-conformity, so owning several Lemons in various stages of decomposition may be of interest to the investigators.

Is the Lemon Car Club regarded as a subversive organisation with ties to revolutionary designers in mainland Europe? We all know how the French distrust the good old US of A (can't think why?). I think we should be told!

Remember, the contents of a muck spreader may well bring the matter to a quick and successful conclusion. Perhaps if you were to alert the local press about your concerns? I am convinced the press will support your crusade against the watchers in the PT, although I wouldn't wish to suggest any course of action to you that you may later regret. What was the name of your local paper? I wouldn't want to miss a good story, oops sorry I mean I wouldn't want to miss an epic account of one man's struggle against the forces of oppression who watch hay making from the (relative) safety of a PT. Should make a good film, you could even merchandise the contents of the muck spreader,


Salesmanship. - David Woollard
.......you could even merchandise the contents of the muck spreader.........

I'm sure if I can sell dead grass for £75/ton anything is possible.

The Cruiser's gone! - David Woollard
As earily as it appeared the Cruiser has left, no doubt all anti-tractor data collected and removed to a safe place for examination.

Parking place now occupied by a G-reg Escort, much less threatening!

Re: LPG - Jonathan Shaw
I personally converted to LPG from diesel because the noxious pollution from LPG is much less than other Internal Combustion fuels. Diesel may emit less CO2 but as rightly observered houses probably contribute more CO2 than average motorists & their vehicles in a year. IC engines pollute most when cold and on short journeys these tend to be in built-up areas where people are breathing, therefore I chose LPG to help reduce particulates and other toxins in the local environment.
Jonathan - Powershifted Mondeo - meets euroIV standards - can I claim a prize?
Re: Someone's watching DW. - Stuart B
Could be local Chief Constable trying to work out how to hide a laser camera inside the hay bales left in the chamber? New traffic vehicle? Tractor & baler in battenburg blue and yellow?
Re: Someone's impersonated GL - Stuart B
BTW Carole Adams, where were you at the appropriate hour, mucking out or mucking about?

(just trying to eliminate another btinternet user, no malice intended)

If you use one of these BT "free" wall telephone on the net, does it show btinternet as the ISP? If so it could be anybody, and before you ask at home with a nice trout under the grill.

Like Mark said, good joke whoever it was.
Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Stuart B
To get the thread back to Charles' original question that nobody gives any info about bifuel cars, sorry to use a very bad swear word on this site how about.....


Theres nothing I can find on the UK site but on the Swedish site there is a link to the info which takes for ever to download.

click on the introduction to bifuel link.

In summary you can get S40/V40 as petrol/LPG
or S/V60, 70, 80 as either petrol/LPG or petrol/CNG.
In all models you dont lose any boot space, but have no spare wheel, its a tyre fix kit and a 12v compressor.

*If* you want bifuel LPG conversion is one to go for at the moment, as there are only 600 CNG filling stations in Europe, only 8 in UK. However by 2003 company about to bring out a home fill kit which will allow you to fill the car from your gas mains. 8 hour fill will be = about 4 gallons petrol.

On the subject of home filling, can you fill an LPG car from your domestic LPG tank? What pump do you need and what mods to the tank are needed, presumably a take off via a dip tube. NOTE that I am suggesting it as its illegal, but just a hypothetical technical query? And just like red diesel is there a chemical or other marker?

No doubt the content of this post will now find its merry way to ACPO and Customs & Excise.......hello boys ;-)
Re: LPG - The fuel of the future?? - Steve
Yes and No is the simple answer.
You can get an attachment and pump fitted to you home gas tank to enable you to fill from home and no there isn't a marker (as yet).
Hay Making vs Making Hay - Guy Lacey
So while DW was Hay-Making" the occupants of the PT Bruiser were "Making Hay" as we say down yer in Somerset.
Zummerzet? Computers? Never! - Micky
Zummerzet? Really? Do you mean people in Zummerzet have access to computers? Wonders never cease. But don't you need electricity to operate such electronic tricky? Oh, silly me, you must power-up a borrowed lap-top (the only one on Zummerzet no doubt) with a wind generator...which leads me to the obvious comment....... wait for it......no shortage of wind in your vicinity is there Guy?


Re: Zummerzet? Computers? Never! - Mark
don't they still burn witches in Somerset?

as ever

Re: Zummerzet? Burning witches? - Micky
">don't they still burn witches in Somerset?<"

No, I think you're being silly now................everyone knows witches are only burnt in Devon and Cornwall. Remember, if you meet a cheerful Cornishperson he/she/it is obviously mentally deranged and should be reported for immediate culling to the nearest member of MAFF (or whatever it's called this week),

Hopefully that's upset all the yokels in the West Country, just as well they are of no importance whatsover, except as British representatives in the World Championship Whinging Competition, where even the Aussies are pleased to take silver,


Re: Carole Adams not guilty either - Carole Adams
It wasn't me guv. I was indeed on my way to a horsey rendezvous, but as I once noticed someone had posted a message before the time that time had even arrived (if you see what I mean) I don't think you can use the time as part of your alibi. My computer clock is now reading 8.07 on 14th August 1986 anyway. And I've only just spotted this little gem of a thread.

Which reminds me: where is Dave? I'm getting worried about him.
Burning Witches - Guy Lacey
Question: "Do they still burn witches in Somerset"

Answer: Judging by the "tottie" in Taunton on your average Saturday night - sadly, no.

As for Carole Adams' "Where is Dave? I'm getting worried about him"

You should be - he's been in Blackpool with a bunch of numpties on a "Stag Weekend". Anyone who volunteers to load his A4 Avant full of inflatable sheep and drive to Blackpool on a Friday afternoon at 2pm from Wellington *must* be worthy of a few worries.

You do not want to know what they got up to........
Re: Stag Weekends - Carole Adams
I can guess. Actually I'm going away for a few weeks now and very worried about missing something. Could you all just post lots of messages about catalytic converters and overhead cams or something and save the gossip till I get back? Thanks.
Holidays - David Woollard
Have a nice holiday, we go this Friday. Darcy is already away, and another regular who escapes me. And it's due to rain where we're going most of the week. Still all the hay will be in by then, main concern resolved.

You're not hitching up a "closet" caravan like the others....?

Holidays and part-time farmers - Micky
Holiday? A farmer taking hols? Obviously confirmation of your part-time status. Are you, by any chance, a gentleman farmer? I think we should be told,


Re: Holidays and part-time farmers - David Woollard

Definately a gentleman, that's why I never take offence. But no, not a farmer........as demonstrated by the fact that real farmers don't like to wave at me from their £40,000 subsidy assisted tractors!

Re: Holidays - Stuart B
Carole Adams and David Woollard have commented about packing and going on hols. Have a nice time both of you, in your separate destinations he adds hastily!

We are getting ready to move house in a bit, now *thats* packing!

Just a mo............ what was that you wanted dearest?.................it's already in a box...................Oh! which box? Now *theres* a question.

Value my car