First sighting? New Roller - PhilW
On way back from picking up my new vehicle (OK then - a new wheelbarrow from B&Q!) followed one of those new Rollers - reg RR 03 ONE. Maybe not unusual for those of you in the metropolis but here in rural Leics it won't be a frequent sight. Didn't look as big and ugly in the flesh as in photos I've seen - smart in black but already a little grubby after the rain!
By the way, my new barrow is very smart too in green with blue handles. Just taking it for a test drive and will keep you posted about how it handles and its economy (when run in and loosened up of course)
First sighting? New Roller - Ben79
I would have thought that RR 03 ONE would be owned by Rolls Royce themselves. Nice plate for the owner if it isn't though!

Please keep us updated on the greenmobile, I'm sure everyone needs to know about recent advances in garden relocation equipment!
First sighting? New Roller - PhilW
Brilliant off-road performance by the barrow though I have to say that comfort is not great - some backache. Incidentally, I was faced with a great dilemma at B&Q - whether to put my old BX in the barrow or the barrow in the BX to get home. What would you have done?
First sighting? New Roller - Stargazer {P}
Saw my first 03 reg on sunday (020303), a lovely silver Lexus SC430, about to go through a brush type car wash! Wonder what the (still soft) paint surface will be like today?

Ian L.
First sighting? New Roller - Nsar
Very vaguely on the subject of mega-limos, does anyone think the new Maybach has a touch of the new Vectra headlights about it, or do I need a lie down in a darkened room for a bit?

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