Smelly Car - Mike200
What would cause a car (with CAT) to smell horribly like eggs after a high rev run. The run doesn't even have to be that long. I dont think its the fuel im using cause i've switched to different good brands, but the problem remains. It is ok if I dont use high revs that much.
Smelly Car - matt35 {P}
We had a regular on this BB some time ago called Paul Mykatz-Tinks...pity he is not around as he might be the guy to ask?

Could it be something in your air con needing cleaned?

Smelly Car - smokie
I think this is a symptom of a cat which doesn't reach normal operating temperature often enough - accumulation of unburnt fuel. High rev run would get it hot enough to burn off the crud.

Often noticed it when following little old ladies in their runabouts - a friend then explained it's the car and the way it's driven, not the driver... :-)
Smelly Car - Peter D
What make of fuel are you using some cheaper brands are high in sulphurs thus the smell. Peter
Smelly Car - Mike200
I aint to good with cars. One of the above replies talks about not getting up to temperature often enough. Would a faulty thermostat cause this? I do a round trip of about 30 miles a day to work and back and have noticed the temperature takes ages to reach norm.
Smelly Car - eMBe {P}
Uno Mike - to learn mor about cars, try - there is a link in HJ's FAQ page.

As for Bad Eggs (hydrogen sulphide)smell, type " catalytic converters hydrogen sulphide bad eggs smell " in to and it will bring up many references; including

Quote from the latter >>>> " .... catalyst cars producing a smell of bad eggs associated with formation of hydrogen sulphide. The problem arises through:

...the presence of a low level of sulphur compounds in petrol

...the storage of sulphur by the catalyst during lean operations
... the release of hydrogen sulphide during fuel rich operations e.g. heavy acceleration1 sharp deceleration after cruising, warm up.

The smell associated with hydrogen sulphide from catalysts is perceived as unpleasant and a nuisance. The human nose if particularly sensitive to hydrogen suiphide and can detect it at concentrations as low as a few parts per billion. This is around a thousand times lower than the concentrations likely to give rise to health concerns.
The problem is limited to a few vehicles and the tendency for formation of hydrogen sulphide diminishes as the catalyst ages.

By incorporating a tiny amount of nickel oxide in the catalytic converter, the production of hydrogen sulphide can be virtually eliminated. ...... " <<<<
Smelly Car - frostbite
By incorporating a tiny amount of nickel oxide in the catalytic
converter, the production of hydrogen sulphide can be virtually eliminated. ......

Better still, do away with the requirement to have the expensive and largely ineffective things installed and the problem wouldn't arise.
Smelly Car - RisingStar
you can get specialist products to put in your fuel to counter act the eggy smell. try forte fuel gas treatment. you won't get it in all shops. a lot of people in trade who know about quailty and aint scared of the price use it as it is the best suff. anyway only a suggestion that has worked on dozens of cars but the choice is yours. ps most cars get eggy smells now and again. sum more then others.
Don't you just love it.....

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