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Hi, I have a Honda crv 2.2 cdti 05 with engine number n22a2 the top end of the engine is shot. I have been offered a Honda Civic 2.2 cdti on a 08 plate with the same engine number n22a2, it comes with injectors/ fuel system and turbo. My question is are they the same engine as in a straight swap into the CRV thanks

Honda CR-V - honda civic to crv engine swap - Manatee

There was the i-CTDI (not CDTI) and later the i-DTEC which is different, but withe same engine code it seems likely doesn't it. Could be a different engine map I suppose but IIRC the quoted power was the same in both appplications.

Essentially it must be the same engine...always the possibility of some ancilliaries/mounts being different but my worry would be getting all the electrical bits talking to each other.

That's not an answer, I know - more a question to ask. I'd be interested in the definitive answer.

Honda CR-V - honda civic to crv engine swap - focussed

First port of call is here is to check what parts are common to both engines.

The other is to join the civinfo forum which has a section for crv owners, there are a lot of knowledgable folk on there who might be able to help.

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