1.8 T Passat Estate - Grey Pete
I run an 18 month old Passat which has given me no trouble over 8000 miles but I am due to take the car abroad for some high mileage driving. I am a little worried about all the info on USA websites regarding faulty ignition coils on this model and wonder if some knowledgeable person could give me an opinion and advice. My local Dealer, would you believe, has not heard of a problem!

Grey Pete
1.8 T Passat Estate - blank

Sorry I can\'t give any technical advice on the subject, but I hope the above links demonstrate that your dealer is lying or stupid. Probably both. I suggest finding a different dealer.

1.8 T Passat Estate - chris2
there's a service recall for this issue so the dealers all know about it. Apparently the new coils packs have hit MK but will most likely be used to replace failed units only for the first few weeks - VWUK are paying alot of money for hirecars at the moment.

1.8 T Passat Estate - Grey Pete
Thanks for info. Also got on to US website where I find that there is a general recall in USA. I suspect that is because of more stringent marketing laws in US. From my conversation today with VW, I suspect there will be a general recall when more coils become available. VW were quite straight up about the problem and I am booked in for an inspection tomorrow.

1.8 T Passat Estate - JohnM{P}
If you go to www.volkswagen.co.uk, there is a pop-up which gives an offical explanation of the problem...
1.8 T Passat Estate - blank
Don't know about anyone else, but I find that attitude a refreshing change. They're admitting a problem with the coils, being up-front about the supply problems and telling their customers exactly what they'tre doing about it. Well done VW I say.
Bet it's going to cost some poor supplier a fortune in a consequential loss claim! Is the supplier Bosch?
1.8 T Passat Estate - Mark S
Supplier of all these failing coils is a firm called Bremi.
1.8 T Passat Estate - 547HEW
Hi, I've heard its across all suppliers, and that the cause is the very small diameter hole in cylinder head that the coil body sits in. Because of small diameter hole, and finite size of the "works" to make the spark, the insulation is marginal at conditions of high temperature and high boost pressure, and secondary winding punctures through to earth potential . My guess at the fix the suppliers have used would be a more expensive insulation material.
1.8 T Passat Estate - jud
I have a 2000w A4 i understand the problem is with 2001 to 2002 models (all cars with 1.8T ). As for the small diameter hole you mention it is in fact no smaller than the primera i had, extraction of the spark plug is as normal so it would not be possible to have a smaller hole, have i misunderstood? Also what has boost pressure got to do with it?. The ignition module fitted to mine is a half inch flat epoxyresin type device about 3x2" held down with 2 m5 allencaps at the bottom of which is the usual insulator over the plug attached, electrical sully is via a plug and socket arrangement, could it be this insulator is breaking down or of inferior material?


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