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Jaguar S type battery rundown - Gerry Hodes
Should a 2000 model Jaguar S type be able to go longer than 8 days, fully alarmed without running the battery dead? If so, what do I need to say to a dealer who claims there are no problems with it? If not, what to do to avoid the problem?
Many thanks in advance.
Re: Jaguar S type battery rundown - David Woollard

Of course you should expect to leave a car more than eight days. Get the dealer to measure the actual drain on the battery and calculate how long it should go. Then do something about it!

Also search this forum for battery drain/flat battery, we have discussed this topic before.

Re: Jaguar S type battery rundown - Roger Keene
There is clearly a fault ,either in the battery or the charging circuit, or something is shorting out.
A battery should be able to start a car after several weeks without use.
Re: Jaguar S type battery rundown - Gerry Hodes
I tend to agree (of course!), but getting the dealer to do so is the problem. Still, I shall apprise him of your view and tell him to apply David Woolard's advice and see what happens.
Grateful thanks to both of you.

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