Ford Diesel Cambelts - Dynamic Dave
Speaking to a mate today. He mentioned something or other about when changing cambelts on Ford Diesel engines, you have to let the engine cool down for a minumum of 5 hrs before starting the work. Something to do with allowing the hydraulic belt tensioner to fully retract. If the tensioner hasn't fully retracted when the new belt is fitted it will be at the wrong tension. ie, too slack on a cold start up.

Apparantely Ford main dealers are aware of this, but a lot of independants and back street garages are not.

Anyone care to confirm/deny/expand on this?
Ford Diesel Cambelts - Pete F
I am only familiar with the procedure on earlier fixed tensioner systems and this is certainly a rule for them. This is the type of tensioner that has a spring that tensions the belt but is then locked in position after rotating the engine a couple of times. Can't imagine why you would need to do it with auto tension devices though.

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