Ford 2.2 diesel - service intervals - Mchl
Dear Honest John,
I am to take delivery soon of a newly registered motorhome based on a Ford 2.2 Diesel engine and chassis. It is an old model and is between 1 and 2 years old although only done delivery miles. What would you recommend the servicing to be. Firstly, would you have the engine oil changed before delivery and secondly, based on using the motorhome for around 6000 miles per year. Should I have a service done annually or before each major trip?. Regards, Mike
Ford 2.2 diesel - service intervals - Peter.N.

I would say change it every 6000 miles then, probably a lot less that the recommended mileage but much better for the engine.

Ford 2.2 diesel - service intervals - gordonbennet

Yes, annual, and given the height off the ground got to be one of the easiest DiY oil changes known to man, given your mileage you could probably get it serviced fully every other year, especially if it doesn't see salt, and DiY the engine oil and basic checks in between.

Cost wise, i've just stocked up with 3 x 4litre packs of 5W40 (other grades available) full synthetic oil for about £32 in Halfords (other oil sources available) sale, cheapest investment for the long life of your engine you could make.


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