ford focus estate 2001 - Heater problems - FISH0504
Am having problems with the interior heater,I have replaced the heater resistor twice now in the past two months and now gone again.
Heater only works on number 4,and is now making a strange noise,could this be the heater fan needs replacing as well as a new resistor.
All comments would be of help thanks all.

ford focus estate 2001 - Heater problems - dieselnut

The motor will run direct off the 12v supply on position 4.

If the resistors are burning out it suggests the motor is drawing too much current.

This could be because the motor bearings are dry & binding, there could be something binding the fan ( some leaves or debris ), or the motor winding could have overheated & the windings have partially shorted.

If the latter it will need a new motor. The others can be remedied with some DIY.

ford focus estate 2001 - Heater problems - FISH0504
How do you access to see if leaves are in motor is that through the bottom of the windscreen with the bonnet open?


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