Peugeot 207 - Opinions on first used car - redcard

Hello all!

Another noob thread from me....

So I'm looking to get my first car at the end of the month and have a budget of £4K-£5K.

I took a look at this 207 this morning and quite liked it. It seems in pretty good condition, I like the dash, 1 previous owner and it seems to have been looked after. I had some nice extras that I wasn't really expecting at this price point. Only thing I didn't like was the miserly glove box, but I can live with that.

Should I decide to go for it, I will arrange an AA / RAC inspection to give me a bit more piece of mind.

Is there anything in particualr I should look out for? Any expensive repairs likely be needed on this model? Do you think the price is reasonable??

Car is here -

Peugeot 207 - Opinions on first used car - Avant

Duplicate thread.


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