Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
We have just acquired a VERY low-mileage 1.3 Jan 1995 Fiesta.
It starts well when cold but the engine keeps dying and fails to restart when hot. The garage cannot find any faults. At one point the fuel level was very low and I wonder if there is dirt blocking something but it is intermittent and the garage could not replicate the fault. The car had been sitting unused for a number of months. Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone suggest what the fault may be, please?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - james_60

what is the exact mileage

what is the exact engine

and have any other symptoms been found such as mayonaise in oil filler or very unresponsive driving

is the car fuel injected or Carburetered

J Stephenson
Fellow Fiesta owner
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Mileage is only about 6,700. Fiesta Jan 1995,1.3 Equipe and I was told it is fuel injected. Inherited it from my mother who only drove to town and back. It was serviced once a year, regardless. Have replaced battery because it had run flat so often. Was standing outside for most of last year and only run around occasionally to keep it going. Nearly ran out of petrol when I collected it. Took it into garage to replace battery and refuel and that's when it started. Maybe problem is rust or dirt in petrol tank but it is fine starting from cold. Doesn't cut out at speed. Does seem sluggish but I am used to driving a 1.8 Vectra so I expected it to be less powerful. Any ideas, please?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - shaun
As this is only happening when hot it sounds like the lambda sensor, there are a few threads on this, if you do a search on lambda sensors i think you'll find others that have had the same symptom. Part of the mot is to check the sensor (emissions test) Try and find a friendly garage to check it for you.
Hope this is of some help.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Ban,

Firtsly, lets try and clear up something about Lambda Sensors nad exhaust emissions. The emission test as carried out at MOT time includes the computation of what is called the "Lambda reading". This is a number close to 1.0 and represents the closeness of the overall emissions to theoretical perfect air/fuel ratio. It is calculated by the machine from the various gas readings sampled. The engine management system controls the fuel mixture and ignition timing based upon information from various engine sensors, one of which is the OXYGEN Sensor in the exhaust downpipe. Unfortunately some bright spark somewhere back in time decided to start calling this a LAMBDA Sensor. The sensor itself is not checked as part of the MOT, only the emissions at the tailpipe. Incorrect Lambda level at the tailpipe does NOT necessarily mean the Oxygen Sensor is at fault, it could be any number of management or mechanical faults causing poor combustion. If, however, the Oxygen Sensor IS faulty, it is unlikely the Lambda reading will be satisfactory.

Now, to your problem ! When you say it peters out and is hard to resart hot, do you mean after just a few moments running from cold, or after a few miles ? Oxygen Sensor faults can certainly cause stalling, but rarely prevent re-starting. It is more likely that the system is over-fuelling the engine for some reason (possibly a faulty Coolant Temp Sensor or faulty MAP Sensor). If it only runs for a few seconds it could be a blocked exhaust or Catalytic Converter.

HTH, Adam
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
It doesn't happen straight away but after some time, I would say at least half an hour. I took it into the local garage and they are supposed to have checked the various sensors but they could not replicate the problem, so have not checked them when it is happening. One time I managed to get it to restart and drove round the car park a couple of times and then it just died again - as if it had run out of petrol. Then it would not restart.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
If the problem is 'over-fuelling' due to faulty sensors, would this show up when the sensors are tested, even if it is not happening at the time? The trouble is, they can't replicate it. The sensors don't seem to be showing any faults when they test the car.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
RAC man thought it might be a blocked exhaust due to catalytic convertor breaking up but my garage say it isn't that.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Thanks. It has just passed it's MOT but I can go back and ask about the Lambda Sensor (never heard of it).
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Certainly could be a BROKEN cat. We have had instances where part of the monolith breaks away and the loose bit can sit in the exit from the catalyser temporarily blocking it. Symptom will be difficult/impossible to start one minute then as the 'plug' shifts slightly will allow it to start as was the Escort I dealt with recently. Finally the broken bit lodged tight and that was that.

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - evanesce
i bought a 94 fiesta 2 years ago with an amazingly low mileage which ran perfect for about 2 months then did this exact thing.
no-one could ever explain what was causing it but it appeared to be a combination of over-fueling and a faulty alternator.
once the alternator was replaced it seemed to run fine as long as i keep her in 2nd when i get to the place where she used to cut out.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Are you saying it still happens, even with the new alternator? This car has only done 6,700 miles and I find it hard to believe it would need a new alternator - although it has only done short journeys, so could that be a cause?

How did you find out it was that?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - madf
My son has a 1.1 of similar vintage but 50k miles.

It has done so few miles it is likely that
1. it is choked up with carbon and needs a decoke (short runs)
2. the various electronic sensors are covered in carbon
3. the crankcase breathers are clogged up
4. the plugs are fouled
5. the exhaust is rusted internally and parts have broken up (VERY likely as condensation from short journeys)
6. the fuel filter is blocked with rust from the tank (water from condensation) - easy replace it.
7. the tappets have never been adjusted and black sludge has jammed several/ or valves are sticking.
8. not run in properly (ever) and piston rings jamming with carbon build up

I would recommend:
fresh oil/filter/fuel filter/air filter/plugs
clean out breathers
check alternator belt (possibly worn out due to age)

and then warm it up idling. If it then stops the problem is likely to be fueling.
If ok then drive it hard in lower gears - 3-4,ooo rpm for at least 30mins.

It needs an Italian tuneup from the sound of things

Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - lauriew
I had a similar fault on a Fiesta. Eventually discovered a leaf in the petrol tank!
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
How did you discover this?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Although it has done few miles, it has been serviced every January. The last service was January 2002 but has only done 250 miles since then.

Would any of the things you suggest only cause a problem when hot? If so, which ones, please? I would have thought that things like the plugs being fouled, needing a new alternator, etc, would cause a problem all the time. This is definitely only when hot. Can you help narrow it down a bit further. Thanks.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Peter D
Very difficult to diagnose these problems remotely but I need you to describe what happens when it is hot and you are driving. Does it just stop, cut out completely, slowly deteriorate, sluggish, make noises, hissing, popping, back firing, splutter. What. ??
Having said all that a car that has done 250 miles in a year will have considerable Lacquer deposits from the unleaded fuel. Run a four times dosage of injection cleaner Redex for example, Yes I know there are better ones in the trade but he doesn’t have access to them, in a couple of gallons of fresh fuel. Come back with your description. Regards Peter
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Ok, this is what happened. My mother owned the car and averaged about 800 miles p.a, mainly on short journeys. Last year she was ill and the car stood on her drive for most of the year, hence the low mileage. As far as I know, she never had this problem but she has since died, so I can?t ask her. It was serviced annually. It has just passed the MOT test.

The battery had run flat (again) and I had to charge it up before driving the 56 miles to my house. I discovered there was only just enough petrol to get me home but I did not want to stop to refuel, in case I could not start it (due to the poor state of the battery ). I just managed to get to my local garage but the fuel gauge was at the bottom of the red. I immediately had the battery replaced and filled up with petrol. As I drove away from the garage, the engine died. No noise, no splutter ? just faded away, as if the fuel was not getting through. I restarted it and drove about 5 yards and it died again. This continued for about 4 times, until it would not restart. I thought that maybe it was flooded (although I could not smell petrol). I waited a few minutes and tried again. It started and I managed to drive the 2 miles home.

My son is learning to drive on it and we found the same thing happened on about 3 occasions but only when warmed up. I cannot say if he stalled it but I don?t think so. It just died at junctions (always at very low speed) and would not restart. Sometimes it is a slow deterioration. When we try to accelerate, it?s as if no fuel is getting through. Sometimes it will start after about 4 tries. On one occasion, I managed to get it going and drove round the empty car park about 3 times and then it slowly deteriorated and died again. This time we could not get it going and I called the RAC. We had to wait so long that I knew it would start when he arrived because it was cold. He suggested a disintegrating catalytic convertor blocking the exhaust system and I had this checked out. The garage said it is ok and also tested the sensors - but since they could not replicate the problem, I am not sure if this proved anything. It always starts fine when cold.

We have also found that the car seems sluggish, especially when cold but I am not sure what it is supposed to be like as I have a 1.8 Vectra. My son?s driving school car is a Corsa - engine size under 1000 cc ? but he says it is much nippier than the 1.3 Fiesta.
I am desperate to get this sorted, as I cannot pass the car on to my son in this condition. Thank you so much for your help.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - james_60

Iam a Ford Brochure collector and i happen to have the brochure with you're exact car on it

The performance specs are as follows

1.3 HCS CFI Catalyst
4 Cylinder 4 inline, Electronic Single point Central Fuel Injection

Electronic Breakerless ignition

Max power 44Kw (60BHP) at 5000rpm
Max Torque 101nm at 2500rpm

The fuel figures are as follows

Urban 35.3
56 mph constant 56.5
75 Constant 42.2

the max speed is 95Mph
0-60 is 14.2 sec
30-50 in 4th gear is 9.5secs

The 1 litre corsa is as follows in less detail (i promise)

973 cc
58 BHP at 5600RPM
85 NM Torque at 3800RPM
0-60mph 16 seconds
30-50 10.5 secs

You're Fiesta has more power and torque than that corsa you definitly have a problem somewhere with its induction system or maybe the cat is partialy blocked

the battery fault is that you have a leaking earth somewhere or a short circuit

Hope this helps sorry its long winded i just wanted to show you you;re cars specs over that corsa

J Stephenson
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - RisingStar
why is every1 saying that the cat is causing this???? cat causes petrol consumption to sour, changes sound of exhaust system, causes loss of power and very very sluggish movement. a blocked cat causes engine to over pressure and shouldn't die after certain mileage.

have the sensors looked at particularly crank and temp sensors. these are common on modern cars and often cause similar problems. when your car gets hot it tells the ecu to give less fuel as it is operating at a more efficient level and reduce fuel. basically it aids in cold starting by giving more juice. if it doesn't work it keeps on getting a lot of fuel and this then becomes an over fuelling problem. that guy adams probably the only qualiied person on this forum ho knows what he is saying or doing.

And BAN go to a special diagnostic garage and they should be able to test it for sensor problems throught ecu fault logs and sensor simulation. very few garages out there actually know they are doing in this field, they all think they know it but few have the knowledge, experience or equipment.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Peter D
If it was a blocked exhaust when you try and restart the car it would fire up for a couple of second then die, start die, start die. Normally a blocked exhaust reduces the rates ability to rev so as you speed up the power just winds down so I do not think it is there. Now assuming the O2 sensor is alive, ie. It passed it’s MOT then it is not the open loop mode kicking in so what are we left with. Fuel pump possible but not probable, ignition sensor and ignition amplifier is where I would go, always start cold, yep fails when hot but at random, yep, fault disappears with cooling and never does it at the garage Yep. Right simple test get an old spark plug and carry it with you in the car. Next time it stops jump out, pull an HT lead off, fit the plug resting it on some metal somewhere and crank it over, is there a healthy spark ??? Practice this when there is no fault. You do not need a plug if you have a bit of wire you can push up the plug cap. Use a bit of copper wire from a length of twin and earth cable or something, the spark should jump at least a cm. No not put yourself in the position where you get a shock because you will hit your head on the bonnet catch in your involuntary attempt to get away from the nasty thing that just bit you. !!! I can hear all you guys laughing now and that’s because you, or you’ve seen your mate do it right.

Now if there is not spark then that’s the problem. Last one I did was a Rover Metro and it was the induction coil in the Distributor ( replaceable item ) prior to that faulty Escort Ignition amplifier prior to that Volvo TDC sensor ( Spark timing derived from Fly wheel teeth and TDC pulse. ) prior to that Polo faulty coil, coil getting quite hot due to shorted turns in the primary windings. Some ignition amplifiers are bolted to some metalwork to keep then cool and I have come across these where corrosion has got between the two surfaces thus reducing the cooling and that was the cause of the not right when hot problem. Regards Peter
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban

James_60.Thank you for taking the time to type out all those details. The garage said the cat and exhaust system are not blocked. I assumed the flat battery was purely due to the fact that the car was used so little. Doesn't that always happen?

Also, thanks to everyone who is trying to help. The garage said they had put it on a computer and tested the sensors but would they show a fault if it was not happening at the time? I don't have any confidence in them. I spoke to a Ford dealer and they wanted to do the same and charge me loads whether they found the fault or not. I don't know whether to do that. As Rising Star says, maybe I should take it to a specialist.

Peter D: It does start and die, start and die but my garage said the exhaust is not blocked. Do you think they are wrong?

Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Peter D
No I do not think the Cat is blocked. Does it rev and sound normal ???
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - thebouncingbunny
a friend had a similar thing ,turned out there was a duster flapping about in the air managed to get sucked right inside the tube before the air filter.(this was a rover)took weeks of tinkering to find it guess is itll be something money is on rust in the fuel system so modern cars have a breather in the fuel could try running it till it starts acting up then try undoing the filler cap.just a thought....bunny
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Peter D : Yes it does - until it plays up that is.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Peter D
Do the Spark test and come back soon. Regards Peter
Fiesta 1995 \'dying engine\' - Waino
My wife\'s 1995 1.1 Fiesta suffered similar problems and the story was posted on here some time ago. It seemed to cut out when turning left out of junctions, shortly after leaving home. The engine does tend to produce copious mayonaise, which I regularly scrape out from the tappet cover. Since I have been removing the mayonaise, it rarely dies on us.

When the little naughty car has cut out, it won\'t restart, even though the battery turns the engine vigorously. BUT it can easily be started with a tow. The answer is 1)to always keep a length of tow rope in the car! 2)to maintain a healthy sense of humour!
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - smokie
SWMBOs Fiesta does the same. The trick for me is to take the oil filler cap off then start the car, as the mayo gets into the steel wool filter bit inside the cap and starves the engine of (something vital - air?) Note to Ed - please correct this bit!

Anyway, as soon as it's running replace the cap and go for the Italian tune up.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Time to get it to an expert methinks, where are you ban?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - wemyss
Knowing nothing about the Fiesta but has the fact that it has been very cold anything to do with it.
On a Nova several years ago one had had to manually alter the air supply on the air filter from summer to winter settings and if you failed to do it the results were similar to what has been described.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
West of Fareham, Hants.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Garage suggested that it may be contaminated petrol (possibly water) and that I should run it down and try it on a new tankful. If it still happens, they will see if the fuel filter is blocked or there are bits in the tank.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Ban,

"Our man" in Southampton is Alvin Tarlton. You can contact him on
02380 692664 if you want his professional assistance.

BOL, Adam
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Drove Fiesta up and down the motorway last night and had no problems. I have decided that it only happens when warmed up BUT only when driving at low speeds. Going to try to simulate this at lunchtime to see if it is still happening.

Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Right, well tried that. Cannot replicate the problem now - still on same tank of petrol. Only difference is that the problem occurred in December/January and it was much colder than now. Could that make a difference? Alvin suggested that the air filter may have summer/winter settings. Does a Fiesta have this?
My garage insist that they have checked the sensors and all ok.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - AndyT
I had an '84 1-litre Fiesta a while back, and had problems with it dying about 6 miles into my 7 mile commute during the winter when the weather was damp and cold.

After changing various items, I discovered the air intake flap wasn't changing automatically to admit hot air, thereby causing carb icing. It was a pig to get restarted and run properly, unless left for a few mijnutes. A 'new' filter housing from a breaker's cured the problem.

I'm not sure if an injected car would suffer the same from cold air intake, but it could be worth checking.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
I have been using the Fiesta as much as possible but it is still not happening. When my son returns from Uni at Easter and I take him out for more driving lessons, I shall see if it is still cutting out. It just isn't doing it with my driving! Nearly used up the tank of petrol, so will see how it does with a fresh tankful.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - HF
Good luck Ban, let us know what happens when your son gets back from uni, if you have nothing to report before then.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Right. My son is home from Uni and I took him out for a driving lesson yesterday. He did not stall the engine while we were out and the car was fine - until he drove it up the drive and stalled it. Upon restarting, the engine died, several times.

SO, I think that it only happens AFTER stalling. Is the mixture adjusted differently after stalling, than when starting from cold? What sensors does this involve? I suspect the mixture is the problem. Any ideas?
Fiesta 1995 \'dying engine\' - Mark (RLBS)
next time it restarts, *you* restart it. I suspect that there is something iffy with your son\'s starting technique.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
No, it happens when I try too. Eventually, it will start but sometimes needs to be left for a while.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Mark (RLBS)
Originally you had said that the engine was dying rather than your son stalling it. Am I correct in thinking that now you have realised that the engine does not die, and it is a restarting issue ?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Well, I wasn't sure. It first happened to me after I nearly ran out of petrol and I definitely did not stall it, it just died. It still could be either - but on Sunday, he definitely stalled it and then it died upon restarting, several times.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - james_60

My friend had a problem with a new renault clio diesel

it starts fine if you depress the clutch and give it a little pressing on the accelerator to get it going

Hope this helps ban

J Stepenson
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Dynamic Dave
It first happened to me after I nearly ran out of petrol and
I definitely did not stall it, it just died.

Ah ha!! If you've previously run it low on fuel, there's a chance you've got some muck in the fuel system somewhere.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Yes, that was my first thought but when I spoke to my garage they thought that as it is fuel injection it would block completely. Why does it only happen when hot and since that first time, only when my son is driving. Ok, I drive faster than him! I drove it for a fortnight and it didn't happen once. I stopped the engine when hot but it restarted fine. It happens every time I take him out for a lesson but only when it has warmed up and at slow speeds, junctions, etc. What could be blocked? I have used that tankful of petrol now and refilled it. I did arrange with the garage that, if it recurred, they would check the fuel tank filter but I need to run it down again. Any thoughts?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Dynamic Dave
Personally I would pour some Wynn's injection cleaner into the fuel tank. You might have a partially blocked injector.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Would that clear it? I have never heard of it. I do think it is some form of blockage somewhere - but what would I know?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Mark (RLBS)
Firstly, you need to be sure that there isn't a significant difference between what he is doing to the car and what you do.

Can you recreate it with you driving ? Even if you have to get the engine hot and intentionally stall it yourself ?

Secondly, and I know not a jot about injection systems, it might be conceivable that there is a blockage but over-fuelling while the engine is cold conceals this, only becoming evident when the engine is hot and running it its mroe normal mixture.

Is there any chance that when he stalls the car, he is also flooding it. Maybe pumping the throttle to try and prevent it stalling ? Maybe stalling it when the throttle is wide open & flooding it?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
I don't think he is flooding it. If anything, it is because he does not have enough throttle. When it happens now, we swap over and I try to restart it. On one occasion (a cold day), we had to wait about half an hour. At one point, I got it going after about five minutes and I drove round the car park a few times and then it died again and would not restart. I haven't managed to recreate it but it was me that it happened to first. Stopped the car to get a new battery fitted, when the fuel was very low. Started it and drove 10 yards to fill up and as I drove away from the filling station, it started - well stopped, actually!
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - madf
If you are using a car which has been left lying for months,
1. there may be water in the fuel tank (condensation)
2. ditto rust

You then nearly ran out of fuel...

It is therefore very likely the fuel filter is full of rsut and carp which restricts the flow. OK when cold (overfueling) no good when hot .. normal mixture.

Remedy: change fuel filter.. and drain fuel tank before you replace filter..
I suspect you will find a nice red mixture at the bottom of the tank.. water and rust...
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - DavidHM
Full of carp? lol... I guess there'd have to be a lot of water in the tank to support a large fish.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Yes, I had decided to do that but just thought I would try a new tank of petrol first, as someone suggested it may have been the fuel. I agree that I need to run it down first. Thanks. Would it be of any use putting the injection cleaner in, either first or afterwards?
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - madf
First I would replace all the old fuel and the filter. Then use injection cleaner. If you have crud in the petrol lacquer build up on injectors will be cleaned but then you will be feeding crud to them again.

Start with clean parameters: fuel and filter and eliminate things...
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Ok. It will be a while until we have emptied the tank but I'll get back to you. Thank you everyone for your help.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - amt
Have you managed to solve the problem yet.
I have a problem almost as identical as yours.
My wife runs a 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.3, 23000 miles, Endura Engine.
When 1st starting the car every thing appears to be ok.
But after a couple of mins when the engine has warmed up the engine will stall when we start to slow down say at a junction, or when you are waiting at traffic lights etc. The strange thing is that if you let the engine revs down very very slowly we are able to keep the engine running.The engine ticks over OK and other than this stalling problem runs fine.
I have had it into my local garage and they have run a full diagnostic test on the car and no fault has shown up.I am a bit reluctent to take it back straight away because I can see a very expensive trial and error situation start where as the garage will start replacing various parts of the engine in a hope of fixing the problem.
Any body out there who can help.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - ban
Not really. The thing is, my son passed his driving test at Easter and does not often stall it now. He did stall it a couple of times the week before his test but he restarted it ok. I don't know if it has cured itself or not. The car is not being used at the moment. If it happens again I shall let you know. Like you, I don't want to sign a blank cheque for the garage!
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Amin_{p}
Ban, and other members please don?t laugh at me for saying this (as I might appear miles off the plot) , but it *might* be a faulty distributor. My dad years ago had a Montego (nice cars they were?), the damn thing was doing exactly what you say. Cutting after about half or an hours time (sometimes less, sometimes more), and taking a God given time before it would restart. Sometimes it was a case of a simpel restart, and sometimes it had to be towed home. There was no way of recreating it either, every time we went to the garage and tried to recreate it, it just would not cut off. For a period of one month, every day in the morning we were calling the AA man, and every evening going to the garage to get it fixed. When AA came, they said ?show us the problem? and there we were red faced because the beast was working like a bat out of hell. Then as soon the AA van just turned round the corner it would cut off!! We had a couple of those faulty tower moments of feeling the urge to beat the life out of the car?. Anyhow, everything you could imagine was changed, sensors, exhaust, battery, filters, sparks.. even at the end the engine computer was changed because the garage said the management system had messed up. Nothing , the problem remained, until accidentally we opened up the distributor and saw a broken link (partially). Distribute replaced, problem gone to hell. To this day I don?t how the problem was created and why would it only happen at certain moments when the engine was hot (once the flipping thing cut off on the Woolwich Ferry and the ferry crew had to push it out of the ship!!) you would think if the distributor is gone not start, cold or hot, but it was one of those things?.. I know your Fiesta is very low mileage but with cars, don?t rule anything out till you have seen it with your eyes?.
Fiesta 1995 'dying engine' - Adam Going (Tune-Up)

Don't worry, nobody laughs here so long as your contribution is in good faith, and yours is a good story. That sort of problem is the most frustrating on earth - almost !

Unfortunately the Fiesta in question here has a distributor-less ignition system, with the plugs fed directly from a coil pack, which is triggered by the ECU.

Regards, Adam
Fiesta 1995 \'dying engine\' - Amin_{p}
Well there you go, I am now laughing at myself. no distributor!!!! Still a nice story to tell about the old beast, I mean the Montego that is.

Value my car