New Mondeo as towcar - GrahamM - GrahamM
I'm thinking of buying a used new model Mondeo LX 2.0 or 1.8 hatch or possibly estate to replace our 1994 1.8 petrol (I'd like a TDCi but it's beyond my budget and any way I'm a bit put off by the starting and other problems highlighted in this forum). We tow a small caravan, max permitted weight 1050kg, which is only 75% of the petrol models' kerbweight, but I'm a bit worried about the relatively (4500) high rpm at which max torque is developed in these engines, though I don't know what the actual torque curves look like. Does anyone have any experience of towing with these two engines, please?
One other point; HJ mentioned some time ago that early models had front seat problem - not kind to the coccyx, and plastic pins protruding through the padding. Any advice on what registrations/production runs to avoid here, please?
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