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Please only comment if you are a qualifid mechanic

I have a renault espace which i just bought, the water pump packed up and the car boiled dry. I have replaced the pump and it is still overheating yet it is not losing water.there is no water in the oil or vice versa. Until the engine overheats it runs fine BUT AS EXPECTED GOES IN TO LIMP MODE, and will run fine until overheatin again.

I am convinced it is serious and at least need to replace the head gasket, if the engine is baked it is scrap as even the cost of replacing the head gasket is too much.

My queston is, Is it possible to use a sealant when there is no loss of water or is it almost certain the damage is internal and a sealent will not work.

I am going to have a preasure test done tomorrow but do not expect a good result, i will post the result

Thank you for any advice that follows



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