Rover mini automatic gearbox failure - dazzo
Has anyone converted an automatic mini to manual? My son's K reg. automatic failed and we've been quoted around £700 to repair, the cheaper option would be to fit a manual engine/ gearbox unit out of a mini or possibly a metro, apart from the obvious need for a clutch pedal is anyone aware of any problems I could expect while carrying this out?
Rover mini automatic gearbox failure - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
It is reasonably straightforward. I recommend you buy the donor vehicle complete, that way you will have all the parts to hand as you need them. I did this job twice on the old Austin 1300's in both directions, allow a weekend.

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Rover mini automatic gearbox failure - Dave_TD
I know you have to swap the subframes as they are different from auto to manual. It's a fairly big job unless you have a decent amount of workshop space to do it in. Best thing to do is look up a back issue of Mini magazine or Miniworld, I know they have both covered this job in the past.

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