Can't sleep - Wally Zebon
I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I paid the deposit for an Audi S2 on Saturday and I've got to wait until this Saturday before I can collect it! It's driving me nuts!
At least, when I do collect it I've got 40 miles of motorway followed by 20 miles of A roads to bring it home on.

Can't sleep - No Do$h
That would bring a smile to my face too Wally. Luvvery motah, guv!

Hope you enjoy it. It would be on my list if I were replacing the Alfa. And had the money.

Now I'm depressed..... (sulk)
Can't sleep - joe
Had a similar deal with the last car I bought. Had to wait a week for it to be serviced and MOT'd. I went back to the garage 3 times just to look at it/run my hands over it etc!

On the third occasion I took my 4 yr old daughter with me. she knew I was sad to be parting with my old banger (I was trading it in) but said I didn't have to be too sad as it least there were lots of other cars at the garage for it to play with.


I bet you take your favourite driving CD with you so you can play it on the way home.
Can't sleep - mal
Then you can "love it and hug it and call it your own"
Can't sleep - No Do$h
Then you can "love it and hug it and call it
your own"

Shouldn't that be "Hug it and pet it and call it George"?

Not sure I would want the Yeti to pick up my beloved and treat it like it treated Marvin the Martian, but each to there own.

Wonder if that would be covered under warranty?

Value my car