irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
I'm considering buying a car with an irish registration mark, from a garage in Essex - can anyone advise me,

1. How can I be sure that it actually is a 1996 model on a P plate as being advertised ?

2. can I drive round with this irish reg. mark or do I need to re-register the car with dvla to continue use in GB ?

3. If I want to re-register the car as a P reg, how do I do this and how much does it cost ?

4. will this be classed as an imported car (for insurance and other reasons)

Many thanks
irish registration mark - BrianW
Is this a Northern Ireland number or an Irish Republic one?

Has it got a UK registration document?
irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
AHH, I wasn't told this at all, the car dealers advert reads "on private plate" on enquiry about this was advised it has an Irish Plate. I will certaintly be ringing him tomorrow to find this out.
irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
Just found the piece of paper with details from my first phone call to the dealer and was advised it is Irish with the letters EKZ
Does this mean anything to anyone???

irish registration mark - DavidHM
Irish means Northern Irish in this case. A car from the Republic would have a plate like 96-D-2392, whereas the Ulster car would be EKZ2392 for instance. If that's the case, you won't need to declare it as an import unless it was originally imported from another country, e.g., the Republic, as is quite often the case over there.

It's unlikely to be a used import from the Republic because of their car taxes, which I understand can only be claimed back against a new car, making used imports prohibitively expensive.

The V5 will give details of the car's first registration, as well Probably you will need to see the car, and run an HPI check on it.

To get insurance, tax or MoT, you would need to register a car with plates from Eire over here, but this is not particularly difficult and, as it is with a dealer, only to be expected of him.

Whatever you do, HPI it, not because there is definitely something fishy but because you sound like you want to be doubly sure of everything. That's reasonable, and what companies like HPI are there for. The AA also does a vehicle data check that includes things like mileage and so on.
irish registration mark - JamesH
It sounds as though it's a Northern Irish reg - they have I or Z in them. If the plate is EKZ followed by four numbers then it definitely is from NI.

NI is a part of the UK so the car should have a V5 and you should be able to buy and drive the car as if it had a British plate.

You'll have a 'free' dateless personalised registration too! If you don't like it, you could get the DVLA to change it for a fee - I think it would be £25 (but could be £105).


irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated!
irish registration mark - Big Vern
The V5 in N.Ireland is a green cardboard document issued by the DVLNI in Coleraine. If the car was previously registered in mainland U.K. then the N.Ireland green V5 will state the fact and give the orginal 'English' reg number.

The Majority of cars in N.Ireland are not sourced in the Republic and as such are U.K. spec and have no problems with insurance and the like.

When you bring a mainland U.K. car into N.Ireland you are offered a new N.Irish plate as a matter of course when you register / tax the car free of charge.

Check that any HPI company you plan to use will cover the N.Ireland based system, I have heard that some do not extend their records to N.Ireland for whatever reason.

In short the N.I. reg should not give you any cause for concern.
irish registration mark - andymc {P}
Means it's a UK car, just that it was first registered here in N Ireland rather than GB. Any cars registered in the South (ie the ROI, not the UK) have plates which start with the year of registration followed by the first and last letters of the county - a car registered in Co. Wicklow in 1996 would have a plate reading something like 96 WW 12345.
However, it doesn't mean the car wasn't imported from the South into the North originally - a UK main dealer should be able to confirm from the reg/chassis whether or not it was an import. Not that it would be relevant in a car that age unless it wasn't actually to UK spec.
My recent motors have had plates that started BKZ, GKZ, HKZ, etc. I've never bothered checking, but I'm 99% sure the KZ part refers to cars registered in Co. Antrim. Is there a dealer plate or sticker? I might even know who they are.
irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
Cheers Mate...
irish registration mark - moosh
EKZ was first issued in Co.Antrim in year 2000, so this vehicle must have been registered previously.

Its possible it was registered first in UK mainland in 1996 on a 'P' plate. The vehicle then would have been brought to Northern Ireland and re-registered in 2000.
If so, it can remain on its new NI number or revert back to its UK 'P' orginal plate.
irish registration mark - moosh
Forgot to mention.
The previous owner may have purchased the NI plate and transferred it as a cherished number.
irish registration mark - Dave_TD
moosh - I was going to add both of your points, but you beat me to it!

scruffy - Definitely get the car HPI'd : A friend of mine bought a Galaxy with a similar reg (FLZ 7xxx) out of the Auto Trader, turns out it used to be a P reg stolen from Manchester, shipped to Ireland, re-registered there and then shipped back to England. Net result was that the police impounded the car and he never found the guy who'd taken his 8 grand.
irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
Hmmmmm, very interesting, Thanks a lot.
does anyone know, do HPI's details cover NI plates (assuming that's what it is?) and I will make sure I give them the
FULL REG, VIN, CHASSIS, ENGINE No.s and will get the AA to take a peek at it.... (about £100 notes I think!)
irish registration mark - moosh
HPI does cover NI plates.

Make sure you give the previous plate(s) also, as this vehicle was re-registered.
irish registration mark - moosh
What make/model is the vehicle?

Grey Japanese import??
irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
it's a vauxhall Omega 2.5 turbo diesel
irish registration mark - moosh
Vauxhall; More than likely a genuine UK spec. vehicle.
irish registration mark - moosh
Omega's that originate in Southern Ireland are Opel.
Irish registration mark - Union Jack

Opel or 'Opeless!?

Jack (rapidly shutting conning tower hatch and going deep!)
Irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
Vauxhall or Opel ????????
I wonder do this seriously matter if FSH supplied?
Will this affect insurance?

Looking at the "car-by-car breakdown" on this site I found the following :

Serious reliability problems of Opel badged version (exactly the same as the Vauxhall) reported by ADAC (the German breakdown organisation) in its 2001 report.

Does anyone know any different????
Irish registration mark - scruffythedog118
Found out a bit more info on this car today.....
it is vauxhall badged but it has a NI registration document, how does this affect anything???
Irish registration mark - T Lucas
With the NI reg doc you/dealer can register the car with DVLA,you can keep the NI reg No or you can have an age related DVLA No.I do this regularly(for a friend that buys NI reg cars from Blackbushe,we put a DVLA No on and i keep the NI reg No)There are no charges other than Road Tax to register the car with DVLA.

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