VED Refund - Rod Maxwell
I've just been digging around to find out when the DVLA are refunding the VED for cars under 1549cc. I found the following:

The relevant paragraph of which is:

"How do you get your rebate?
For the moment, do nothing. For those keepers of vehicles with engines of 1201 to 1375cc, the rebate invitations will be sent from DVLA in July. For those keepers of vehicles with engines of 1376 to 1549cc, the rebate invitations will be sent from DVLA in August. The Rebate Application (form V925/2) will tell you the exact amount of your rebate and, if you return it promptly, you can expect to receive your money within 4 weeks."

I still think this is one of the biggest farces of inefficiency I've ever seen. Not only did they needlessly overcharge people in the first place but now they are writing to everyone involved to ask them to write back so that they can write back to everyone involved with a cheque to cover the money which they never needed to charge in the first place.

I didn't think that you could make anything so complicated but I've just spent the weekend filing in my wife's tax return!
Re: VED Refund - Ian Cook
Moranmyjobsworth mate!
Re: VED Refund - Phil C
Having received and promptly sent off refund confirmation the reason this is done is to confirm people's details are still correct. No doubt the taxpayer would complain if thousands of cheques had been issued to people who had moved, sold their cars etc.

I also believe that the VED refund for 1500cc cars was instigated by the Government earlier this year. To be fair, knowing how the government works (having just had to change from MAFF to DEFRA overnight!), I wouldn't think that the DVLA would have had much say in the matter. They would be just told to implement the changes on the 1 July date. It would also give them a chance to print those lovely leaflets etc!!
Re: VED Refund - Andrew Tarr
The iniquity is that last year's owner paid the high rate, but the present owner of the car gets the refund. I can't see how that is fair, unless it has been allowed for in the sale price.
Re: VED Refund - Brian
This was a pre-election bribe to buy off the fuel protest lobby.

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