Caroline's dream car - DavidHM
A few of you may remember Caz coming on here, looking for a small, sporty first car. Ideally it would be a silver 106 with a bodykit.

I don't know the girl personally, but I think I may have found it:

Absolutely hideous, far beyond anything the manufacturer makes. If this is what gets the Max Power crowd going these days, bring on middle age (I'm 24)...
Caroline's dream car - HF
And there I was, thinking that you were being all helpful and sympathetic to Caz, David!
Caroline's dream car - CMark {P}
Yep, that is gob-smackingly ugly. The back window graphic in Photo 2 just about sums it up.

Caroline's dream car - bafta
So hideous it should be nominated for a place on, which was mentioned on a previous thread.
Caroline's dream car - surely not - JamesH
The words at the top of the windscreen also sum up what people can do to cars like this!
Caroline's dream car - surely not - bafta
Its just occurred to me that this car may indeed be just what Caz is looking for. There is no accounting for taste. Maybe we should not be quite so disparaging.
.......or perhaps we should try to save her from herself.
Caroline's dream car - surely not - r_welfare
Yikes! That is one tastelessly modified 106!

Not the worst I've seen though - here on Guernsey, where the "barry boy" (locally known as "Kev") culture is big business, the ultimate in this kind of thing is a metallic purple Hyundai Lantra with some kind of DTM-inspired bodykit, and earthmover-sized chrome wheels.

Run very close by the chap with a red Volvo 440, lowered with wide wheels and single wiper conversion, which sports a strip at the top of the windscreen that reads "440 2.0i", in case anyone didn't realise. Hmm.

(Apologies to the person who owns these cars if they read this but come on, a Hyundai Lantra or Volvo 440 getting the Kev treatment?)

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