Mondeo blue smoke ! - stevie nicks
Hi all, I own a 1993 mondeo 1.6 and i have started to notice a fair bit of blue smoke from the exhaust under acceleration (usually hard acceleration!). It is also noticable under normal driving conditions at night when I can see the smoke through the headlights of cars behind me. I have been told this is due to the oil valve stems...?. Anybody have any ideas what else it could be, or if it is the stem seals. The engine seems to run fine. Any estimates on prices to get it sorted would be helpful........(not too expensive hopefully!)

Thanks Ste.
Mondeo Blue smoke ! - Dynamic Dave
This has always been one of Ford\'s problems - the valve stem seals harden and you start to get the problems you mention. As to the cost of replacing them; the old CVH engine fitted in the Mk3 & Mk4 Escorts/orions; you could do it in the back yard with very little engine strip down. I would imagine though that the CVH engine didn\'t get fitted to the Mondeo, but the same old valve stem oils seals did it would seem!! Probably best to get it sorted sooner rather than later as you could end up knackering the cat convertor.
Mondeo blue smoke ! - dieselhead
Doesn't really sound like valve stem oil seals to me - im pretty sure that they only cause smoke when the engines started first thing on a morning (when the oil drains past the faulty seals) or when the engines on the overrun (inlet vacuum is highest so oil is sucked past the seals) their alot more smoke when you lift off the throttle?
heavy smoking on hard acceleration is more likely to be caused by worn piston oil control could also check the crankcase breather isn't blocked and that your engines using the right sort of many miles has it done ??
The cost of fixing it varies..cheapest option might be to shop around for a good secondhand engine and fit it yourself if you don't fancy fixing your old engine although some scrappies have funny ideas about what an old engine is worth so be careful ..a garage are going to want a pile of cash to take out and re-build your motor £500+ maybe.

hope this helps

Mondeo blue smoke ! - stevie nicks
cheers for the info, the car has done 126k which i think is not too bad for a car of this age.
Mondeo blue smoke ! - dieselhead

That doesn't seem that high for a modern engine - i wouldn't expect the piston rings to be worn enough to cause the smoking if the engine oil has been changed regularly but the 1.6 does get worked pretty hard in the mondeo....

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