cylinder head bolts,peugeot 106,1.5D - bolty
HELP!can anyone tell me if the procedure for tightening the cyl head bolts(star headed on my model,jan ,98)is the same as stated in haynes for hex head bolts,i.e xxxft/lbs,followed by 260 degree angle tightening.I think it would be the same,but I would like confirmation from you experts out there!
Thanks in anticipation
cylinder head bolts,peugeot 106,1.5D - Robin the Technician
This may or may not be useful, but the Rover 115d uses the same engine so if you have a Rover dealer near you he'll give you the relevant info
cylinder head bolts,peugeot 106,1.5D - David M
Same engine also as the Citroen AX 1.5d.

A set of new headbolts would set you back approx £15 + VAT from Andyspares/German Swedish and French so why not do the job properly? Re-using headbolts, especially on a diesel engine with its higher compression, can be a recipe for a botch job, and there are plenty of PSA diesel engines that have suffered recurrences of head problems for the lack of a new set.

cylinder head bolts,peugeot 106,1.5D - David M
Whoops, just realised I've misread what you wrote, bolty. My apologies - if they're star/torx head then they are likely to be a new set of one-use stretch bolts.


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