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Hi folks,

Hope I'm posting this in the right place, if not apologies!

Just replaced the battery in a Ford Fiesta 06 plate and of course the radio has now been rebooted.

I don't have a code or a manual to refer to which has left me a bit stumped.

Tried holding in '6' and '1' to get the serial number and it has given me the following info:

06 00 06


05 01 02

SWP1 1-6561

SWP2 14C044


SWP 4 (nothing)

As far as I can see none of these represent a serial number. Am I doing something wrong?

Or is anyone able to tell me what the key would be from the above info?


Rob C

Ford Fiesta Zetec 2006 - Ford 6000 CD - elekie&a/c doctor

Pressing buttons 1+6 or 2+6 does not always produce a serial number.It will be a 6 digit number with the prefix M or V.You will need to pull the radio out to check the label.hth

Ford Fiesta Zetec 2006 - Ford 6000 CD - Alexey


here goes a complete guide about how to unlock your 6000 cd radio code:


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