Jeep Cherokee - ETC warning light - the nobster

I have a Jeep Cherokee CRD 2.8 Auto on a 57 plate, which has an ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) warning light flashing on the dash board. I have tried to see if i have got a fault or not as i have had not much restriction in performance but i still have the fault.

To say the least Jeep UK have been NOT very helpful AT ALL! In fact because of the age of my Jeep they just want to fob me off and wash there hands and don't want to help. This my fifth Jeep and was until now a fan.

On doing some searching and have found that i am not alone, and in fact have found that there could be a problem with the eletrical loom connecting the ETC unit.To put this right Jeep have quoted prices which have been out of this world!! Are Jeep trying to hide from a possible recall notification notice on there Cherokees between 2005 - 2010?

Can any one help PLEASE!
Jeep Cherokee - ETC warning light - RT

Get the diagnostic codes read - there are far too many possible "solutions" to start guessing at them.


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