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Some opinions useful please. I recently drove into a car park behind another car.The car pulled over to the left and stopped,and I went to go around it to his right when he put his car into reverse and hit me. Not much damage to either car. I am not claiming on insurance as my car is a wreck anyway and likely to be written off. I have not heard from his insurers. I am more concerned that I will get a claim against me I have an eyewitness who was about 5 metres from the accident says he saw the car reverse into me.

I contacted car park owners who say CCTV footage is inconclusive because my car obscures his, but all they can see is it looks as though I have gone into his back.Eg does not show him reversing.

So,if the other party does claim against me, are insurers likely to go from the CCTV images which doesnt show him reversing or are they more likely to listen to the eyewitness.

Insurance - SLO76
From an outsiders perspective it's going to look like the other party has pulled to one side with the intention of reversing into a space and rather than wait for a moment you've impatiently tried to squeeze by them.

In a car park when someone stops in front of you, you should wait to allow them to enter a space or until you're certain they're not going to do so. The other party has been negligent in not checking their mirrors properly before reversing but so have you by overtaking when it wasn't safe to do so.

I'd say you're both at fault and it's likely a claim will be made and that you will both be held partially to blame in a bump for bump claim, meaning you'll both have to pay out an excess and lose some if not all of your no claims.

Next time be patient in a car park.

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Insurance - Broomhall

Thanks. I think I should clarify that the car had not stopped to reverse into a space as there was no space to reverse into. I think looking back he had gone past the car park lane he wanted to go down and had then pulled over so that he cuold reverse back to it. At the time I thought he had pulled over to let me go by.

You are right and I should have been more patient.

Insurance - RobJP

I'd agree with SLO. It's going to be viewed by insurance companies as a 50:50 knock.

Insurance - gordonbennet

To be fair when i am in a car park i always reverse into a bay, and always position myself so even the most obtuse individual should be able to see what is happening, i also indicate the direction i am bout to take, however unless the person behind makes it clear they are waiting for me to complete the reverse i tend to cover the gap to prevent one of the many chancers who would nick the space as you back in.

Without being there and seeing how each driver behaved, aggressive pushy or messing about if any apply, then it's difficult to say who might be deemed at fault.

This sort of minor incident would at one time have been sorted out with a gentlemans agreement for one side to pay the damage* , in such circs the innocent party would do their best to mitigate losses and no insurance claim would be made, but those days are now confined to forgotten history, so accident management mobs will make money, accident repairers will make money, one side will ride around in a brand new high image credit hire car for several weeks and that £250 bumper repair will end up a £3500 bill for the deemed blameworthy's insurer and possibly more if whiplash pains suddenly manifest.

*SWMBO reversed into an older chaps car in a car park a few years ago, she told him she would pay for his damage, he contacted her with a reasonable estimate of i think around £150 might have been £250, he received a cheque for the amount the next day, the letter he wrote back in surprised thanks was really quite moving.


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