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Young Drivers  
Young Driver

All the essentials for young and new drivers

Essentials: Insurance

All you need to know about insuring your car

All you need to know about insuring you car, building up your no claims bonus and what's what in the world of insurance.
A low price isn't always the best deal when it comes to insurance. Instead you need to make sure you're getting the best value for your money...
If you're a newly qualified driver, insurance is not going to be cheap. However there are ways you can reduce the cost and here's how.
Insuring a car is expensive - but new electric urban vehicles like the Renault Twizy could cut your premium when they go on sale.
Learner Driver Diaries

Meet Robyn and Charlotte. We're following them as they learn to drive. From their first lessons to ripping up their L plates

After a quick drive in the area around the test centre it was time to put all that practice to use, and take my practical test...
Today's lesson, rather infuriatingly, involved a lot of traffic jams and red lights.
This lesson was at a busy time in town, which was pretty stressful!
Today I drove on some unfamiliar roads, but with my confidence improving that wasn't too off putting
In this lesson I had to deal with various unusual situations, as well as practice on the dual carriageway.
Your first car questions

Latest questions covering everything first drivers should know

I want to buy a used city car for my 20 year old daughter. Reliability and economy is important, otherwise I will be paying for all of the repairs. What...
My wife is a driving instructor and is considering replacing her three year old Toyota Yaris (petrol). Most driving instructors appear to use diesel cars...
My wife has never had a full driving licence. I contacted Renault to ask if their electric Twizzy model is approved for learner drivers, and for taking...
I am 25 years old and I want to buy cheap car for around £1000 or less. I don't have any NCB so need something that’s cheap to insure and maintain. What...
I have persuaded my soon to be 17 year old son not to spend his savings on a car as he would not be able to afford to run it as he will be a student for...
Latest News

All the latest news affecting young drivers

All practical and theory tests will be in English or Welsh from 7 April 2014, with no more foreign language voiceovers or interpreters.
New driver insurance specialist Marmalade has launched a scheme called Fuel and Go, which allows new drivers to package up the cost of a new car with free insurance and free driving lessons
Rolls-Royce has announced that it is seeking new apprentices to join its apprenticeship programme from August 2014.
Learner Road Tests

Will it make a good first car?

Quirky styling makes the easy-to-drive Ypsilon stand out, but it isn't without a few problems.
The cute, likeable, inexpensive Up is about as close to the the ideal first car you can get.
The best selling car in the UK is among the most popular in which to learn - and it's a good choice, too.
The Corsa is an extremely popular with driving instructors, learners and first car buyers alike - how good is it for young drivers?
The 107 is cute, cheap to buy and cheap to run, but it lags behind the Volkswagen Up in key areas.
Tips from the expert

Advice from our resident driving instructor

Once you've passed your driving test there's still a lot to learn, Louise found out when she visited a skidpan to learn more advanced car control.
Our resident driving instructor dispels the common myths and misconceptions surrounding the practical driving test.
Our expert driving instructor highlights the most common reasons learners fail their practical driving test and gives tips on how to overcome them.
Practice your theory test

Get your theory test practice in before the real thing

What's The Test Like?

Video Guidance On What To Expect In The Theory and Practical Tests


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