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Citroen C4 2011


Exclusive 1.6 e-HDi 115 EGS 5dr Auto Hatchback

reviewed by JDM on 20 June 2014
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So much better than the majority of reviews by motoring journalists

I'll admit that I'm a Citroen fan, albeit from ownerships of a 2CV, AX and BX! Before buying this car I did a huge amount of review research as most were less than convincing expecially on the EGS box but a couple, including HJ, gave me a little glimpse that maybe most of them had been trying to drive the car as they would at a track. Additionally they all compare cars to a Focus in regards ride and handling but that's mis-leading to me as I want a car that drives in comfort over most surfaces as I don't go round corners at 60mph and body control is not an issue.

The EGS box is not perfect by any means but in manual paddle-shift mode it is comparable to a normal manual without the tedium of having to move your left leg and left arm (and not take your hand off the steering wheel). In auto mode you do need to anticipate the changes which is in fact not hard as you soon get used to how your car engine sounds and the digital gear indicator display actually displays the next gear ratio about 4/10's of a second before the engine changes up, so in both occasions you can easily anticipate and slightly lift your right foot accordingly before-hand. Yes, I would prefer, and normally have, a conventionaly automatic but the mpg costs are a factor. The only real criticism I would have with the EGS is when in auto mode and your speed is decreasing due to a slight incline then if you're not aware it will change down a little noticeably. However, in twisty, hilly roads I always drive in manual anyway.

The comfort, ride quality, is excellent, which I hope to improve by changing down to 16" tyres in a couple of months. I previously owned a focus estate and there are a number of country roads where I live that I don't really feel anymore but the focus would be firm across them. Ride and handling by its nature is a compromise for comfort, give me comfort any day.

I think I can safely say that I know my car now as I've racked up 26,000 miles in just a year and it's been a complete mix of B and A roads and motorways. She also has not missed a beat. I've had 2 services as I don't wait beyond 10,000 miles each time. Servicing costs have been okay and Citroen's service experience has definitely improved.

I would recommend you take motoring journalists' reviews with a little scepticism and if there's a car you might like to try, do it, and try it over a good distance, preferably overnight. I believe there are a number of good cars out there that most people will actually like but discount due to historic negativity etc.

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Road TaxA–G
MPG40.9–76.3 mpg
Real MPG78.9%

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