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Citroen C4 2011


VTR+ 1.6 e-HDi 110 EGS 5dr Auto Hatchback

reviewed by Dacul on 28 December 2016
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smooth operator

I have the car for a few weeks now and after I had German cars before I can say now that for the money I paid for it, I got the best car on the market. it is smooth, very comfortable(not very solid suspension but comfortable), practical and economical. The EGS gearbox isn't that bad but needs getting used with - 1-2-3 gears are slow and noticeable but 4-5-6 are smooth with no problems, downshifting is perfect. The car comes with a lot of technology on board and everything works. The stop-start system is not working because different factors like the weather but I hope it does in the summer. The AGM battery wasn't so good so I've changed it - apparently those are good if looked after but my car had low mileage in the last 3 years so did made sense to change it - I didn't mind - it will last me forever, I hope :)
Overall it is a good car and people should consider it and stop listen to others - for example the diesel engine is much, much better then the TDI's, is smooth and flexible and in combination with this gearbox is perfect for economy.
It is what it say's it is - an economical,practical and comfortable french car, so please stop compare it with the German cars because it makes no sense.
UPDATE after 1 year : the car is great, not very economical, 50's (mpg)- the start stop never kicked in(Citroen said it is no problem with it) and I can't find any advise why is it not working( it has new battery). The car feels great on long journeys and the gearbox...is fine but I could feel some time how the cluch is slipping, in special when going from 4th to 5th and 6th - only on hard acceleration :), so if you go easy..., the car works fine.
The interior looks still fine and the speed limiter, bluetooth and usb port are very healpfull and they work fine too. I've changed the front break discs and pads plus new 4 tyres and the car performs very good...esp never kicked in/no need because the car will stay on the road on all wheather conditions.
The suspention, ...yes it is nice on long journeys but very crude in towns with bad roads - but no big problem. The space is ridiculos - the car is big for her class and very comfortable for all the passengers.
I love the car and I hope Citroen will do a all electric C4 next :) because next car it will be electric :)

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About this car

Road TaxA–G
MPG40.9–85.6 mpg
Real MPG78.5%

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