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Rover 75 - air bag light query - Geoffm


I'm wondering if anyone can answer this query, my airbag light came on, not unsual on the Rover 75 often the underseat connectors however I had already solved this by joining the wiring together and on this occasion guessed that as I have water ingress problem drivers footwell the side impact sensor under the carpet was corroded so changed it for new and yes the light went out however it only goes out when you start the engine, by just turning on the ignition the light goes out after a few seconds then comes back on again can't work out why can anyone help.

Thanks for looking


Tags: technical issues water ingress warning lights engine problem

Rover 75 - air bag light query - Collos25

Just as a matter of interest have you checked the the main ECU infront of the windscreen when the water drains are not free then ali sorts of funny things happen untill the ECU fries.Also the seat mats have a habit of acting up.

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