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Mini Cooper - Mini Cooper Remote Key. - KellyYoung

Hi, my key no longer opens the door via the remote, I now have to unlock the car manually. I assumed the key was not charging in the ignition because I only do short drives and a 20-30 mile long drive once a week. During Xmas, I had a dead car battery so changed it over. This hasn't rectified the problem. Mini have said it sounds as if I need a new key and it re-coding, however, will do a diagnostic test first. I know they're going to cost me £120+ for this. Is there anywhere I can get a remote key from, other than the main dealer? I know a garage that can re-code it for £20.00 but can't get the key. Any suggestions really appreciated. =)

Tags: technical issues keys keyfob DPF

Mini Cooper - Mini Cooper Remote Key. - elekie&a/c doctor

Before you start looking for new keys etc,you need to get the original checked.Find a garage that has a key fob remote tester .If it proves ok,then it may need re-synchronising or there may be a fault with the in car receiver,so a new key will not fix it.Btw, a new key comes pre-programmed from the factory.All that is reqd is to sync it to cd locking system.hth

Mini Cooper - Mini Cooper Remote Key. - KellyYoung


Many thanks for your response. In car receiver sounds expensive =s any idea how much that would cost? Good idea about getting the key checked, I shall have a look around, thank you.

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