05 2.0 Rear suspension noise - Geran1
Hello, looking for a bit of info ref a Jaguar X-Type estate with a knocking sound at the rear.
After a service 12 months back my local mechanic mentioned the noise on the rear suspension stating it was the anti roll bar bushes (I must have been used to the noise) it turns out that these have be updated i.e a known problem.

I bought and fit a pair and the noise was very much reduced but a few months late a very high pitch squeak started at the rear suspension. With a lot of messing around I found it was coming from what I now know of as the rear control arm, this was replaced and noise sorted, 6 months on the near side rear control arm started making the same noise but I ignored it (too cold for working on a car) the squeak stopped after a while (would only usually squeak in very cold weather) now on the rear nearside there is and probably has been for ages a much more noticeable knock when going over bumps compared to the of side with new control arm.

The long and short of it is does anyone know if this is a common problem don't want to spend another £57.00 for the knock to be still there when it may be something more obvious and would cost less to repair.

Apologies for the long winded description, appreciate any info.


Tags: technical issues unexplained noises repairs suspension


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