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97 1.9 no headlights,side lights,dipped and dash l - Syman35
while driving home tonight i had a problem with my 306 td, the stereo sometimes no sound comes out off speakers this has been a problem for a while i dont know if it is the stereo at fault or the car, anyways to solve it i pull it out off dash and disconnect the speaker wire from the stereo and replace it and its usually fine but tonight when i did it, all the lights went off ie side,main,dip and dash, checked fuses seem okay any ideas any 1? could me dissconecting the speaker wire be a cowincidence when the lights went off at same time?what number are the fuses for main and dipped beam? wopuld be helpful if some 1 can help with some ideas thanks.

Tags: technical issues headlights electrical faults batteries

97 1.9 no headlights,side lights,dipped and dash l - Peter.N.
Have a look where you were working, its quite likely that you have disturbed a plug/socket

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