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00 796 Ignition failure while driving - sheeptick
My Matiz cuts out after about 2 miles on every trip; it usually restarts after a few minutes, though lately it has been taking much longer, and sometimes has been very difficult to start first thing. I bought the car off a friend 2 months ago. 4 garage visits have led to replacing the distributor, the fuel injector and the valve-pulse module. The last two were by the local Chevrolet dealer after a computer check.
Now the local Chevrolet dealer says the computer wants me to replace the immobiliser ECU, cost £330. It seems likely that the parts they replaced are in working order (£95 to replace).
My question is, am I being ripped off? What if replacing the ECU does not solve the problem?
If a friend asked me to look at their computer because the screen wasn't working, I would not simply replace the monitor, signal lead and graphics card. I'd swap out each part.
I know very little about cars, and would be grateful for any feedback.

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00 796 Ignition failure while driving - injection doc
worth checking the wiring loom from the bulkhead on passenger side into engine bay. I have had 2 fail over the years & took a while to find the fault. the first one I actually changed all the imobilizer & ECU etc & ign switch & still had the same fault.
I got hold of the loom & pulled it about whilst the engine was ticking over & hey presto it cut out.
Then a year later I had a second one come in with similar fault & the loom had broken in the same place.
Worth a check.
00 796 Ignition failure while driving - bell boy
ive seen this cutting out on a matiz and it had me beat so the loom idea certainly is worth baring in mind
im not going to buy one though
00 796 Ignition failure while driving - sheeptick
Thanks for your reply. I'll give it a go when I can get someone to show me where to find the wiring loom.
Someone posted advice on how to replace an integrated circuit (IC) in the immobiliser.
It looks quite promising and not too difficult. I wonder what anyone thinks of this idea.
00 796 Ignition failure while driving - Another John H
"wiring loom" is the interconnecting wires from the various parts of the car - rather than being routed singly, they are taped together where a number of wires take a common path to form a "wiring loom".

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