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02 318i Clicking starter motor - Alby Back
Girlfriend of the bloke next door, wow she's gorgeous but that's not the point.....has a 318i Coupe. Anyway, it won't start, the starter motor clicks but doesn't turn the flywheel. Tried attaching a booster thingy to the battery once we found it, it's in the boot by the way.

Didn't make any difference but the headlights are dim when tested engine off, so I still suspect the battery. We did, however, manage to bump start it OK .

It's such a long time since a car broke down on me that I've forgotten most of the checks. ( Except the Espace of course but ironically starter / battery problems were one of the few categories of problem it didn't have...wretched thing... )

What would you suspect ?

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Tags: technical issues starting starting problems starting problem flat battery

02 318i Clicking starter motor - elekie&a/c doctor
Headlights dim,clicking from starter are all signs of a poor battery.An 02 car could easily be on its original battery.Worth a check.hth
02 318i Clicking starter motor - Alby Back
Thanks Doc. That's what I thought. My neighbour is convinced it's the starter motor but I'm sure(ish) that it's the battery.

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