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06 1.4tdi oil change - steve
I changed the oil and filter in my wifes 2006 Polo 1.4tdi over the weekend. No problems. Re-filled with 3.8 litres per the handbook. The oil was at the low end of the dipstick but I left it - figuring better at the low end than over filled. After about 20 miles driving the low level light came on and I have put another 200ml or so in - is the 3.8l an under estimate or any other explanations? The car is running fine so I am not worried about it just curious!

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06 1.4 Polo 1.4tdi oil change - Number_Cruncher
Was the handbook spec just for an oil capacity, or, oil & filter capacity?

Typically, I use the handbook spec less a pint or so as a starting point, and then, after running the engine to fill the filter, carefully top up to the upper mark on the dipstick.

06 1.4 Polo 1.4tdi oil change - steve
It was 3.8litres for oil and filter - like you I usually take a bit off the handbook numbers and then top up to avoid over fillling - on this occasion I needed more than the official amount.
06 1.4 Polo 1.4tdi oil change - Number_Cruncher
It's not uncommon for the value quoted to be wrong. Having had one instance years agowhere I overfilled a car by relying on the published volume, I've never really trusted the data since.

06 1.4 Polo 1.4tdi oil change - steve
sounds like you and I have the same experience! My overfill was a diesel MB.
06 1.4tdi oil change - MartinOos
Hi Steve
I have the same year and model. I want to do my 105 000 km service.(oil and filter change). Where does the oil filter sit, I cant seem to find or I dont know how it looks.



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