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Oil Level Indicator fault - Armitage Shanks {p}
My 307 has the usual PSA oil check which shows when the ignition is switched on - a row of symbols which, complete means oil level good. Got into it the other day and it showed one symbol and said oil low, Bother. Checked on dip stick - full so drove off, no leaks under the car. Booked into Pug agent for a check and now the fault has gone and the level reads correctly. Obviously I can check the oil level myself with the dipstick, as in the olden days! Is it worth chasing an intermittent , non-critical electrical fault and, if it is the sensor and/or wiring at fault what might a fix cost, please? (How long is a piece of string I guess!)

Tags: technical issues oil electrical faults DPF

Oil Level Indicator fault - Pugugly {P}
Depends how long you intend to keep it and whether you intend to sell private - something that might put a potential customer off during a test drive ?

Using flying philosophy military aircraft often fly with non-critical faults (especially on ops) with no problems and no worries.

As long as you do your weekly checks etc its no problem is it ?
Oil Level Indicator fault - bathtub tom
I regularly drive a couple of Pugs that have this. It's my experience that the difference between all bars and none, is the difference between max and min on the dipstick. I only bother double checking with the dipstick when they're down to two bars or less. The accuracy always amazes me.
Oil Level Indicator fault - Armitage Shanks {p}
Thanks PU and BTT. As an old bold pilot I like to have things working but not at any price and not when they are lazy man's backups to the old dipstick and eyeball syatem I am used to. I shall live with it!
Oil Level Indicator fault - bathtub tom
>>As an old bold pilot

I thought the quote went:
'There are old pilots and bold pilots, but.....................'
Oil Level Indicator fault - Armitage Shanks {p}
BTT I am the exception that proves the rule! I am old (68) was a pilot (5000 hrs mostly in fast things with sharp points on the front) and I am still bold!

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