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I foolishly managed to short circuit the connections in the car cigarette lighter socket after putting a metal tyre gauge in it.

The lighter no longer works.

The lighter, clock and radio are served by one fuse - which has not blown.

The clock still works. The radio works for a short period before turning itself off even when the power to the lighter socket is disconnected.

Have I fatally wounded the cars electrics? Can the radio be amde to work correctly again - perhaps if a new cigarette ligher socket replaced that which was shorted?

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Renault Clio Electrics - Altea Ego
The car radio is served by TWO power feeds. One is permanent live, The other is switched live by ignition. Its designed to turn off after a period of time if the switched live goes off. (to save your battery if you accidently leave it switched on)

The clock is also served by two lives, one to keep time when power is removed, the other to light up the elements when you turn on the ignition.

MY guess is you have another fuse blown somewhere.
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Renault Clio Electrics - RichSJ
Brilliant! It was just that. A blown fuse. Many thanks!

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