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Latest '10 Things You Need' To Know Videos

Mark tests the only good-looking car SsangYong has ever made. Is it just a pretty face?
This time, Mark takes a look at the Skoda Fabia - is it the Polo for the poor man, or for the thinking...
Mark Nichol explains why we all need to stop judging Kia for being Korean - it now makes genuinely good...

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Extended tests of some of the most popular models on this site

The practical and no nonsense Grand Tourneo Connect will be with the HJ team for the next three months.
Click here to enjoy the greatest piece of Photoshop ever committed to a long-term test car update. Not...
A 1.4-litre engine may seem too small for a car like the Q3 so how does it cope with every day life?
HJ's HR-V has been to both the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Henley Regatta then had its first service.

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Three of our favourite vans

Stylish and rugged looks, comfortable cabin, five star Euro NCAP crash safety rating, impressive towing...
Refreshed Caddy gets 2.0 TDI engine with improve economy.
Practical and rugged, available with two-wheel or four-wheel drive, entry-level models cost less than...

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Simplicity itself to drive
Sweet to drive, fun and good value for money, with brilliant club and specialist back-up
Beautiful styling, excellent road manners, and in real terms, for a car with such iconic status, values...
Cute-looking roadster with an eager, high-revving turbocharged engine.