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UKPC parking fine - can you help me?
Im not a UK native so forgive me if my question is obvious to everyone else.

I received a parking fine charge in the mail this morning from a company called UKPC. The photograph is indeed my car, and I would have been the driver but this is the first knowledge I have ever had of any fine being issued. I did not have a notice taped to my car like the letter states.

They now have my name, address and are asking for £90 for an infringement. They state they will forward my charge to a debt collection agency or instagate legal proceedings if I do not pay immediately. They have not specified the law I have broken.

I am frightened that I will be taken to court. My friend says I should just ignore it but I am in this country on a student visa and do not want it to be revoked due to a parking charge. Right now, I do not have £90 to spare. How should I proceed?

Asked on 7 October 2012 by spitfie39

Answered by Honest John
This is now subject to a new law from 1-10-2012 that makes the keeper of
the vehicle liable for unpaid parking charges, but gives three stages of
appeal. First to the issuer of the charge, second to POPLA and third to
the Small Claims Track of the County Court.

More at: www.honestjohn.co.uk/faq/private-parking-penalties/

If you appeal you automatically lose your right to the discounted charge.
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