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Lots of fault codes on a Vectra
I have a Vauxhall Vectra 2005 1.9ctdi sxi 150. I have a few problems with it with 6 fault codes : P0070, P0500, P1811, P1613, U2108, U2139. I spoke to someone about it and they said it needs a new wiring loom. Could this be possible?

Asked on 11 September 2012 by masher

Answered by Alan Ross
Well firstly we would suggest that you try to clear all the fault codes.
Then see what still remain.

U2108 is indicating a communication problem and is sometimes related to P0500.
Would suggest that you check the ABS system (and all related fuses) to make sure they are ok.

Does you car have a clutch Actuator? (easytronic gearbox), if so it maybe that the problem is related to this also.
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