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Should I buy an Infiniti G37?
Visited an Infiniti agent to consider a G37. Because they are rare/can't be "pigeonholed" like Merc E, XF etc equivalents, they appeal. Price new circa £42k.

A used 6 month old G37 Premium S, with under 2k miles is available at £19975.

The agent says it will be an 09 model,(regd Aug11), since facelifted, no 4WD coupling and satnav postcode unfriendly.

The agent is now offering new car for £27k, using a finance pack costing £5k 1st year, with option to buy at £22k at year end.

Ive since offered £18k for the used car in view of this package/spec info.

Is this reasonable? Im concerned about the cars saleability in a few years given the current £425 road tax and its thirst.

Would appreciate your comments/advice - dont want to buy a pig in a poke!

Asked on 12 February 2012 by Stanliz4

Answered by Honest John
Interesting car. A sort of Nissan 350Z saloon. Needs to be cheap, though.

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