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Despite reading your column each week I am stiil confused and getting conflicting advice.

Should I buy petrol or diesel engine? I drive 9000 miles a year, most of which is on A-roads with a 60 mph limit. The shortest journey I make is six miles.None of my commute is stop/start.

Peugeot say a diesel is not suitable due to DPF maintenance and changing every 6 months. Mercedes-Benz say a diesel would be OK.

The costs I have worked out show that a diesel engine will be less expensive over 3 years providing no DPF problems.

I run a Jaguar X-Type 2.0 diesel which owned for 3 years without problems, presumably it doesn't have a DPF?

Finally any other Crossover types I should consider?

Asked on 14 March 2011 by bowlsmadalan

Answered by Honest John
The type of use you describe should be enough to avoid short term problems. And most of the diesel horror stories occur after 3 years, which is why fleets still specify them, leaving the poor old private buyer (and the trade) with the post 3 year problems. No, your Jag and the Mondeo III on which it is based did not have DPFs.
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