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The big Frees
I have been snowed in with sick animals in France for nearly two weeks and of course my Suzuki Splash wasn't up to it. So I have been chasing Jimnys to no avail. I now have the chance to buy a 2002 (but strangely a 54 plate) Freelander 2.5 V6 automatic, which the owner of only 6 months says is brilliant in snow and very reliable. My research shows this may not be true. Should I walk away please?

Asked on 27 March 2010 by S.R., Lanneanou

Answered by Honest John
A friend of mine has a Freelander V6 about the same age in Hong Kong and it has been no trouble at all. The V6 and the diesel are far more reliable than the 1.8 petrol, though it does like an expensive new timing belt at this sort of age. Actually, winter tyres are a better answer in snow than four-wheel drive. Obviously winter tyres AND four-wheel drive are the best answer.
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