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I have recently purchased a Sept 2006 Toyota Avensis Estate 2.2 D-4D 180bhp. The car has 88k warranted mileage and full (Toyota) service history. I bought it via a car auction and a good local garage just MOT'd it - it flew through and appears to be an excellent car. I bought the car instead of a BMW 320, due to the Toyota’s excellent trim and supposedly 44mpg with the 180PS engine. The car fails to return more that 31mpg on the computer. I have cross-checked this by running the tank down and refuelling etc., and the computer is spot on. When driving, the computer swings between 19mpg and mid 40's, even when on the flat at around 60mph when in 5th or 6th the mpg will not register over 45mpg. I have had a further emission test and it is perfect. The car is responsive and not blowing any smoke. The MOT garage, emission tester and a friend who is an experienced mechanic are foxed. Toyota has advised that it would take the car in for assessment, will need it at its labour rate for several or more hours and will not guarantee to rectify the mpg - in fact advising there is little that can be done for that problem? I am concerned that the local Toyota dealer may not have the expertise to deal with the problems and I may be throwing money at them for little return. Hopefully you may be bale to help or guide.

Asked on 27 February 2010 by M.F., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
First thing first, replace the air filter. If that's clogged and dirty you
don't stand a chance of decent economy. Next, decent fuel. I find BP Ultimate diesel to be the best. But the problem could well be worn injectors or that the diesel particulate filter is regenerating too actively (which requires extra fuel). A 'diesel injection specialist' (Yellow Pages) may do a better job of analysing and fixing it.
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