December 2018 DVSA recall round-up: SEAT Arona, Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo recalled for seat belt fix

Published 10 December 2018

Volkswagen and SEAT are recalling thousands of cars to rectify a serious seat belt safety fault. 

The problem was first reported in May 2018 and relates to a potentially dangerous fault that may cause the rear left belt to uncouple when the vehicle is driven around a corner. 

>>>What is a DVSA recall and what should you do if your car is affected?

The issue affects 45,000 Volkswagen Polos and 31,000 SEAT Arona and Ibiza models in the UK and the fix will see dealers fitting a permanent plastic spacer in the double buckle of the rear seat.

Volkswagen is also recalling 3300 T-Roc models over an electric parking brake issue. According to the safety notice, the electro-mechanical park brake 'may be released inappropriately'.

BMW is contacting 86,000 owners over an EGR issue, which may result in a fire. The problem relates to a wide range of cars – including popular models like the 3 Series, 5 Series and X3, X4 and X5 – built between November 2013 and August 2016.

Elsewhere, Volvo is recalling XC40, XC60, XC90 models, along with the V90 and V40 to correct a software issue in the vehicle connectivity module. The problem affects cars built from May 2016 to November 2018.

Recall number Make Model Problem




The rear back rest head restraint mounting may not be correctly welded.



5 Series, X3, X4, X5

The EGR cooler may leak, presenting a fire risk.



3 Series4 Series Gran1 Series, 2 Series

The EGR cooler may leak, presenting a fire risk.


Mazda CX-7

Passenger airbag inflators may not operate as intended.




Possible inability to open the left hand door externally or internally.



ASX, Outlander, Outlander PHEV, Eclipse Cross

Driver assist programme functions through the hydraulic brake unit may be interrupted.


SEAT Ateca

The electro-mechanical park brake may be released inappropriately.



Arona, Ibiza

Left rear seat belt may unfasten involuntarily.




Left rear seat belt may unfasten involuntarily.






The electro-mechanical park brake may be released inappropriately.



Tiguan, Touran

Possible short circuit in LED lighting module of the panoramic roof.





XC60, S90,XC90,V90,V90CC, XC40, V60, V60CC

There may be a software issue in the Vehicle Connectivity Module.


paul robert watson    on 14 December 2018

VW in trouble again! why is it when something like this happens in America they
all seem to be informed straight away as a legal right whereas here it is leaked out
in dribs and drabs an very few are entitled to anything in case it upsets the car
manufacture from whatever country they may be from.

peter hughes    on 14 December 2018

seven months ago VW told us our new Polo had a central seat belt problem.....and sent a do not use sticker!!!!!!!!!!

Still heard nothing


Lee Power    on 14 December 2018

DVSA should have had the balls & the power to stop VAG from selling or registering any cars with this known seat belt fault, that would have concentrated VAG on fixing them quickly.

Will the DVSA stop any affected & unrepaired cars from gaining there first MOT certificate once they hit 3 years old? I very much doubt it.

Safety recalls should be tied in to the MOT system, outstanding manufacturer recall should mean NO MOT pass certificate until its recalled & repaired.

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