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VIDEO: Out of control Bentley Continental GT driver smashes pensioner's car off the road

Published 15 February 2018

Shocking dash cam footage shows the moment a speeding Bentley Continental GT smashes head on into pensioner's car - sending it flying into a wall.

The footage captured in late 2017 by 74 year old Tim Edwards' dash camera shows the 2005 Bentley Continental GT hurtling through a village at an estimated 85mph, before losing control and colliding with Edward's Ford Kuga.

The video shows Mr Edwards waiting in his car as he gives way to oncoming traffic, before continuing onto the clear road. However, within a few seconds, the Bentley speeds round the corner leaving Edwards little time to get out of the way.

The dramatic collision happened along a 20mph stretch of road in the small town of Old Amersham in Buckinghamshire. Miraculously, both drivers survived the horrific crash. The force of the impact shunted Mr Edwards' vehicle backwards, spinning it through the garden wall of a nearby listed building.

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The 46 year old driver of the Bentley, Richard Plumb, climbed out of the driver's side window following the crash. He then called a friend, who arrived minutes later, and fled the scene in another vehicle. He was traced by the blood left on the airbag of his car.

Plumb plead guilty to dangerous driving and fleeing the scene of a road accident. He was jailed for 14 months with a driving ban of four years and seven months, a sentence which Edwards believes is too lenient.

Tim Edwards fortunately suffered no injuries, attributing his safety to the 4x4 he was driving. However, he believes that if he'd had a passenger, they wouldn't have survived.

Edwards says, "I didn't say anything to him and he didn't say anything to me. These modern cars are able to contact emergency services automatically on impact and an ambulance arrived within five minutes followed by a fire engine and police."


csgmart    on 16 February 2018


colric    on 16 February 2018

85 MPH through a 20 MPH zone!!
Even more shocking than the clip. The Bentley was not driven by an unlicensed, inexperienced car thief being pursued by a traffic car but an experienced driver with a UK driving license to signify driving competence. I am glad he did not hit someone crossing the road or a motorist tootling along in a lightweight town car.
Was a 4 year driving ban enough?

De Sisti    on 16 February 2018

A four year driving ban was definately not enough for the driver, especially leaving the scene befo re emergency services arrived.

Mike@Drivertuition    on 16 February 2018

Car is actually a £50K car, but interestingly last taxed in 2015, mot expired Jan 2017. Perhaps adds fuel to the devil may car attitude of the driver. This driving behaviour should be treated as attempted murder, as driving like this shows a wanton disregard for life of others and clearly the outcome of driving in this way could easily have been the death of anyone caught in the path of his vehicle. Penalty as ever too lenient. Although this event was caught on camera - and resulted in prosecution due to the outcome - there are too many acts of driving anarchy on the roads these days that pass by unpunished. Policing of our roads is now only done by speed cameras, capturing only one element of people's driving in specific places. So, driving down the hard shoulder at 100 mph racing another two cars in lane 3 (an event I witnessed only a short while ago) remain unpunished and highly likely to be repeated by the offenders (whom my research led me to identify as a well known Northern car dealer!). Policing on and of our roads need to be re-instated. I drive tens of thousands of miles a year, training drivers and events like these are, unfortunately, far too common. Less cameras, more traffic cops please...

Edited by Mike@Drivertuition on 16/02/2018 at 17:54

   on 16 February 2018

I wouldn't be letting Mr Plumb back behind the wheel of any vehicle, ever. Too many thuggish drivers on the road as it is. DJM.

Frank Dowling    on 19 February 2018

If he gets remission from his jail sentence for good behaviour, he could be free again before the end of this year. Compare that with the life sentence of somebody he could have put in a wheelchair for life, who would still be in hospital when he gets out; or, the family with a lifetime sentence if a mum or dad had been killed! And if he is out again by the end of the year, who's to say he won't start driving again illegally?
The 4 years should have been the jail sentence, with a 20 year driving ban to start when he is released.
Only with considerably more severe sentences AND being publicised will that minority of the population realise that it is not worth the few moments of what they consider to be fun.

kenneth baker    on 19 February 2018

what a complete and utter clown - can't drive, no mot, no tax - jail him and throw away the key - I just hope to god that I never come across him while driving -

conman    on 19 February 2018

The Law is an Ass, Well not so much the law the people that make them. Yet another example of:- 85mph in a 20mph limit, no tax, no Mot, leaving the scene of an accident. 4 years with time off for good behaviour. Ridiculous. See that the 20 mph speed worked.!!!
Should have been banned for life with £8000 fine, plus 3 years in prison for attempted murder. Other people will then think twice.

skidpan    on 19 February 2018

The video was taken 19 05 2014 according to the screen. It was definitely not taken late in the year, the grass at the side of the road is freshly cut and the trees are in full leaf.

Someone needs to get their facts correct.

That means the car was MOT'd and taxed at the time of the accident.

That does not mean that the driver was not a total lunatic but whoever writes this stuff needs to check their facts first.

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