Shogun Sport 2.5td - Mark (RLBS)
Has anyone got one of these ?

Is it underpowered, or was it just because I was testing a new one and the engine was tight ?

It was ok up to about 60mph and then things just became a struggle, the engine was harsh and there was an unpleasant amount of vibration.

I'm only interested int he diesel because I can get a really good deal on an ex-demo.

Also, has anyone driven the 3.0 V6 Petrol Is that ok ?

As far as I can see the Shogun Sport only comes with those tow engines, although I was dealing wiht a total dipstick at the garage who may well have been on his first day.

The Shogun (not sport) is a different, and somewhat more old-fashioned body shell, I think. Which is the best engine in that one ?

I am not concerned in the slightest with fuel consumption.


p.s. and yes, I have read the CbyC Breakdown.
Shogun Sport 2.5td - Dave N
Yes it is underpowered, and yes, it is harsh. You're looking at good ol' fashioned diesel technology with a balancer shaft thrown in.

V6 is ok though, even if still a bit old tech.
Shogun Sport 2.5td - Mark (RLBS)
Does the V6 have enough power ? And what impact might the fact that it is "old tech" have ?

The not-sport Shogun seems to have a better choice of engines. Would I be better to go for the Shogun 3.5 V6 petrol ? It has a lot more power, but its a bigger car. I haven't driven one yet.

Also, the Sport is very nicely kitted out inside and comfortable, although the seat is perhaps alittle close to the floor. I know I'll find out when I test one, but does anyone have anything to say about the inside of the Shogun not-Sport ?


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