Tyre insurance - Rick99
Is anyone aware of companies offering tyre insurance cover against repair, replacement, malicious damage etc?

A friend mentioned this may be available but only through main dealers.
Tyre insurance - Trisha TR
I got my tyres from Tyres On Line and they offer this as standard - can't remember the exact wording but it does cover malicious damage.... top people; I've no links to them but couldn't praise Peterboro peeps high enough.
Tyre insurance - Rick99
Thanks - emailed them about this and they suggested trying the AA. They provide £100 cover per tyre for a £35 yearly payment up to & including 16" rims. Bargain!

I checked and they do cover runflat tyres which my car has & which are bleedin' expensive to repair. I think the cheapest I saw them at was £130 (Hi-Q).
Tyre insurance - Phil I
Local branch of ATS is offering what appears to be really good deal on tyreinsurance purchased with new tyre/tyres for very little money.

Happy Motoring Phil I


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