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Petrol - Stephen Heron
I have read in some of HJ's reviews that bad or "cheap" petrol can cause significant faults in engines. Which brands should be avoided and who supplies the major supermarkets?
Re: Petrol - Michael Thomas
I've heard that it's pretty much all the same stuff and the only thing that is different are the amount and quality of the detergents in the fuel.

For the sake of the additional £2 a month compared to the supermarkets, I've always used ESSO fuel without any problems. I've always added my own detergents anyway every 12,000 miles (once a year) mainly injector cleaner and the odd Slick-50 plus regular oil changes.

The main causes of engine wear aren't solely to do with cheap petrol but

a) too many short journeys without letting the engine warm up and get the oil pumping

b) Infrequent oil changes and servicing. Unless you're doing high mileage, an oil change every six months is one of the best ways of slowing wear. It's a DIY job on most cars.

c) Low coolant levels. This can lead to all sorts of nasties including buckling the cylinder head (in the extreme)
Re: Petrol - Vin
For comments about oil changes and Slick 50 (of which I was once a fan), see:
Re: Petrol - ULS - Jonathan
Does anyone know which oil co's still sell normal unleaded fuel and not the ultra low sulphur cack?


Re: Petrol - ULS - bogush
See HJ's answer on the more recent Low Sulphur Petrol thread:
Re: Petrol - ULS - Gerald

But it doesn't answer my question.

I think that ASDA still sell normal UL fuel, I know that the other big 4 do, but which ones?
Re: Petrol - ULS - Jonathan

My alter ego has been exposed...

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