Motoring elastic - help required ! - volvoman
Hi folks I've posted this message on the discussion forum too 'cos I'd really appreciate your help.

I've a 6 year old son with special needs. He has a 2-3 ft square trampoline which he loves to use but the elastic rope used to provide the 'bounce' has broken yet again and can't be fixed. He really loves his trampoline and I've been trying to think of a fix but have only come up with those bungee type straps you use on roof racks. I don't know if these will be sufficiently strong/durable so I'd really welcome any suggestions you 'techies' might have.

Anyone know where I might be able to buy some elastic rope ?

Thanks on behalf of a very special little boy :-)
Motoring elastic - help required ! - Dynamic Dave
Not sure where you buy it from, but how about the rope that rock/mountain climbers & bungee jumpers use?
Motoring elastic - help required ! - volvoman
Thanks all - I think we've got this one licked now (see discussion forum) thanks to a certain white knight (RBLS).
Motoring elastic - help required ! - volvoman
That should be (RLBS) of course.
Motoring elastic - help required ! - Cyd
B+Q sell that "elastic rope" off the reel in various thicknesses and strengths - might only be at Warehouses though.
Motoring elastic - help required ! - volvoman
Thanks Cyd !


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